A Sunday Afternoon in Harlem

06ef6ec73f8893420e05dac4cacd35b2My Featured Blogger this week is Janice Reid of Sincerely Jan. A former finance industry professional, in 2018 Jan switched her focus to fighting–and surviving–Acute Myeloid Leukemia. This gave her “an entirely new perspective,” she explains, leading to a life that today “is slower but more fulfilling, more self-aware and spiritual.” And it shows in the thoughtful and always engaging photo essays Jan shares with us. Read on and see!

Sincerely Jan

It had been a while since I’d last been to Harlem and let’s just say, at that time, the landscape was a whole lot different than it is today. Back in its heyday in the late 20’s and throughout the 30’s, Harlem had been dubbed “The Black Mecca of the World” due to its rich culture and wide array of artistic and political expressions. Its landscape was marked by brownstones and other historic buildings and even though blacks were the majority of its population, it was a melting pot of peoples of different races and cultures.

By the time I got to the US in the mid 1980’s Harlem was already in decline, in fact one could say it had already hit rock bottom and most recall that period as the darkest in Harlem’s history. Crime and drugs ran rampant, poverty was real, and for most non-residents of Harlem our…

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11 Responses to A Sunday Afternoon in Harlem

  1. Janice Reid says:

    Thanks Mitch, much appreciated!

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  2. I’ve watched so many movies about Harlem, most of them oldies, made in black and white and done in the pre-World War II days. So much glamor back then. So sad to see that it is that way only in the old movies now.

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  3. Tim Harlow says:

    Wonderfully informative post. Thanks for sharing Jan’s work. And again, thanks for featuring my site last week.

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  4. I love your, photos, Janice, especially the one showing the brownstones! When I was an adolescent, I was fascinated by Rev. David Wilkerson’s street ministry accounts in New York City and its boroughs. Your pictures brought back thoughts of Wilkerson’s (The Cross and the Switchblade) and other books based in New York City, including Harlem, that I obsessed over. And the food!!! Thanks, Mitch, for sharing this.

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  5. Ann Coleman says:

    I love her blog! Thanks for sharing it….

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