A Heart in Pain

Spadina Avenue - Warren Wong (unsplash.com)Photo by Warren Wong

CaptureMy Featured Blogger this week is Benyamin Bensalah of Benyapoesy, who I’ve happily rediscovered after a long, accidental hiatus. Hungarian poet Benyamin’s words are deeply personal, yet always relatable, full of the exquisite pain and longing that remind us how human we are.


Agony. I dress it in suits.

We take long walks

in the park, on the streets

at the calmest places

giving the weirdest look.

How this might come up?

I have no idea.

Nothing is weird here;

it’s all my regulars.

Then, in the eyes of the mass

there’s an infinite emptiness –

deep inside them,

in their idle soul,

not like in mine;

only empty on the surface

while inside

agony’s jogging in suits,

darkness is brushing paintings,

silence is screaming up poems,

macabre is planning weddings,

and joy wants to die in socks.

These walks are bothersome,

but for only one reason:


Benyamin Bensalah


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4 Responses to A Heart in Pain

  1. Victoria says:

    “…joy wants to die in socks”
    I can’t explain it, but that line really hit me…thank you for sharing, Mitch.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thotaramani says:

    How can darkness brush paintings Mitch! Paintings always look beautiful when brushed with bright colours. But I wish that your life should be as bright as 🌞.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. This is a hauntingly beautiful poem–wrapped in sadness.

    Liked by 1 person

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