Underwater Surprise… A Clone for a Date … A Son’s Love … and more Facts!

capture-1My Featured Blogger this week is Carolyn of Nuggets of Gold. Carolyn’s blogger handle is “Joy Roses,” and for a good reason: she emanates joy, with a healthy side of humor. This wife and mother of two teenagers began journaling as a teenager herself, and never stopped. Her stories and fascinating facts really are nuggets of gold.

Nuggets of Gold


What else may be hidden underwater?


Hmmm…how often do we miss the significance of what is right in front of us?


Who wants to go mining?


Soo guys, what do you think of this idea?


I sure hope he thanked his wifefor making him return the orange juice.



A Bonus Fact! What wonderful husband took his wife to Longwood Gardens yesterday?

Mine 😉

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19 Responses to Underwater Surprise… A Clone for a Date … A Son’s Love … and more Facts!

  1. ashis says:

    No 6 is my state West Bengal in India.👍👏🙏😊✨🥰💐🌲

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  2. I’ve seen a Joshua Bell interview where he says not everyone ignored him. In fact, a person from his recent concert recognized him and put a sizable amount in his tip jar. However, that was all the $ he got.😀

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  3. Thanks for the fun read. Longwood Gardens is absolutely gorgeous!

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  4. An Audience of One says:

    What a fun blog! I can tell I’ll enjoy her posts – thank you for introducing us to her, Mitch!

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    • joyroses13 says:

      Thanks so much! I hope you do enjoy my stories. I will tell you that they vary a lot, so if you don’t like one you may like the other. 🙂 I just never know what my imagination may come up with. I just strive to bring smiles!

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  5. Linda Lee Adams/Lady Quixote says:

    This is awesome!!!

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  6. Michele Lee says:

    A wonderful share! Joy does a fantastic job.

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  7. Reaseaorg says:

    Such enchanting short stories. Love the lit up trees 🙂

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  8. emma rizvi says:

    If you love to read blogs related to facts then have a look here-



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