Ants Doing Yoga

CaptureMy Featured Blogger this week is John Malone of a rush of light. John is an Australian poet, as well as a teacher of poetry and creative writing, who frequently delivers brief, whimsical poems like this one to brighten our days.

John Malone

Ants Doing Yoga

I was watching ants filing back and forth the other day

When two pulled ovef for a chat; and I wondered how it was

They knew each other seeing they all look alike; and I

Concluded they must have individual features like us:

Hooked noses, for instance, bushy eyebrows, little pot bellies

And carry nicknames like ‘Shorty’, ‘Ginge’ or ‘Spike’

And further ants must have little to say seeing they say it

So quickly, but mostly I wondered where ants are off to

All the time; it is hard to imagine them doing yoga, or chilling

Out at the cricket or at the beach in a deckchair or moshing out

in a mosh pit to Adam and the Ants. So where do ants go?

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22 Responses to Ants Doing Yoga

  1. They may be going to the museum to look at Ant-iquities. Or maybe they go to hang around with the peas-ants. They go to readings of all the works of John Malone…his Ant-hology. Maybe they head out for the medical seminar where they study Ant-ibodies or Ant-ibiotics . Ant-hropology lectures and field trips into the bush to study the Ant-elope are also popular. They live a very pleas-ant life all unseen by humans. Their yoga studios are underground you see… They don’t like cricket much since crickets always get to the food source faster and leave such a mess. They do enjoy a good picnic though. They might like Joni Mitchell

    I look at Ants from both sides now
    From Way above to Down below.
    Their conversations are so small
    I really don’t know Ants at all.

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  2. Where do ants go? They go to my back yard in the spring time. Every freaking one of them. And they build ant houses and ant highways, ant hills and ant farms, all through the summer, until the end of autumn. Presumably, they winter in Australia. The Great Ant Migration.

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  3. Reaseaorg says:

    Ants are very busy workers. They hand to build their nest and find their food and because they are so physically active they need a lot of food for their size. Also they need to keep 100% compliant with their coworkers to actually achieve the correct end goal. Quite remarkable really. I like the poem about less disciplined versions. Perhaps they have been wiped out by predators …

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  4. C.A. Post says:

    Just for the record, their nicknames come from their physical inspection of each other because ants are blind. Just sayin’. 😎

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  5. An Audience of One says:

    What a fun poem! Thank you for sharing and introducing us to John!

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  6. Thanks for sharing John’s poem, Mitch. He paints a colorful picture with his words. And I may not know all the places where ants go, but I do know they love my banana cake!

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  7. Ants? Imaginative funny. They are amazing creatures. Enjoy the Aussie summer, even the ant- invaded picnics.

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  8. I smiled reading that poem about ants, Mitch – so glad you posted it. I love that 2 ants stopped for a quick chat, that was dead cute. I wonder if ants really do have personalities and unique physical markings of their own? I like to think they do. I can imagine God hand-painting each ant’s face and giving some freckles, some wrinkles or “crooked noses” like in the poem. Maybe for Mo-vember ants grow little beards? Who knows?

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  9. I enjoy Johns posts too Mitch, how lovely to see him featured on your blog

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  10. gizmos16201 says:

    Thank you, Mr. Teemley for another inspirational post for readers like myself

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  11. Ah, I will look at ants more carefully now. “the arched eye brow!”

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