World Kindness Day

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Todd's FriendMy Featured Blogger this week is Todd of Driving Toward the Morning Sun. I know little about Todd, except that I like his writing, his thinking–and his heart. And I suspect you will too!

Driving Toward the Morning Sun

November 13 is World Kindness Day, which was established in 1998 by the World Kindness Movement. The idea and importance of kindness is of course, much older, as well as the struggle to find real kindness.

The very first book of the Bible, Genesis, has an interesting tale of kindness in the story of Joseph, son of Jacob.  His is a long and complicated story, but in Genesis chapter 40 we find him jailed on false charges.  In prison with him were two men – a baker and cupbearer – who had also been imprisoned by Pharaoh.  Joseph had been wronged by an unjust ruler, and the other two “committed an offense.”  All three probably felt resentment toward their government because of what might have been arbitrary treatment.

I think underappreciated verses in the story are Genesis 40:6-7, which read: “When Joseph came to [the baker and cupbearer] in…

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6 Responses to World Kindness Day

  1. #hood says:

    you didn’t tag genesis 40:09


  2. Todd R says:

    Mitch – I’m floored that you shared this. I am on a business trip and got the notification right before walking into a client lunch and therefore had to refrain from doing a backflip. Which is fortunate because I most certainly would have been injured. At the moment, I’m in an airport waiting to head home but couldn’t wait to thank you! I have as many views today as I get in 2-3 weeks.

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  3. Lesley says:

    Mitch, I love these posts of yours where you showcase other bloggers who we might otherwise miss. Thank you.

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Ann Coleman says:

    You were right, I enjoyed it a lot!

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