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Fifty Shades of Plaid - Piraro ( Featured Blogger this week is Ben of Ben’s Bitter Blog. A man whose motto is “we maked bitter better,” Ben has selflessly dedicated his life to complaining about anything and everything, with particular attention to being irrational and self-mocking. Oh, yeah, and very funny. Note below how nobly Ben rants about…whatever has just popped into his head.

Ben's Bitter Blog

I know I keep talking about my trip to Scotland, but it’s mostly because I need to brag that I got to go there, and you didn’t. Mostly though, it was a once-in-a-lifetime trip that I will never be able to afford to go to again.

Being there was just so unique because my great-great-great grandfather something or other lived there. I got to visit his house and the building that was right across the street from his house that was a mill where he made a living. I also figured out that there was a lot of unrest in 1820 in Scotland, and his dad was part of a strike that rebelled against the Scottish Oligarchs or something. Because of that, he was jailed in Sterling Castle. Some other people that were part of the rebellion were executed, but my great, great, great, great grandfather who was pretty great…

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9 Responses to Blog Paralysis

  1. Geo. Raymond says:

    BBB is a great blog.

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  2. beth says:

    I’m a ben fan, too –

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  3. Love Bitter Ben. He cracks me up. He’s like the Don Rickles of WordPress!

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  4. Damyanti Biswas says:

    I am not familiar with his work, sounds like a very interesting one!

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  5. You should go check him out. He’s really funny!

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