Greedy Love

Yellow Flowers And View Of A Beach In Corona Del Mar, CaliforniaPirate’s Cove, Newport Beach, California

I normally do a Thought for the Week on Mondays, so this anniversary post is a bit off-point. Then again, maybe somewhere within these words you’ll find a relevant thought-for-the-week of your own.

My wife Trudy and I have been married for 37 years. In fact, on this date 37 years ago, the last day of our honeymoon, we were savoring eggs benedict and sipping Ramos fizzes on a Sausalito balcony overlooking San Francisco Bay. We know this because yesterday we reviewed our “Honeymoon Diary” and reminisced about how we’d gotten married, celebrated, and then driven home to begin our life together. That life is now in its 38th year. And I can hardly wait for more. Here’s why:

Five years ago, we were at the Burbank International Film Festival where our feature film Healing River was a Best Picture nominee. Since we’d formerly lived in the area, we revisited the places where we’d loved, played, fought, and made up: my wife’s childhood home, our first apartment as well as our last before moving to Ohio with our kids, our favorite date night restaurants and the AMC movie theater we’d so often attended on those date nights—where our own film went on to win a major award!

Most emblematic of our life journey together, however, was rocky Pirate’s Cove in Newport Beach where we’d sipped dark coffee from a thermos during a time our premarital relationship had grown equally rocky (interestingly, I’d also been baptized there). We wanted to love each other, but didn’t know how.

Thirty-two years later, we soared past Pirate’s Cove on a whale-watching boat, heading out to open sea, no longer bound by a quaint but confining cove. We hugged the rail and each other as the wind intermingled our hair and the sun turned our faces the same coral red. “We’ve learned how to love each other,” I thought, “and we’re going to learn to love even better in the years to come.” And that was why I was greedy for more.

And now, five years further on? After reminiscing at our favorite cafe yesterday in Cincinnati, Ohio, all I want to add is this:

I’m still greedy for more.

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65 Responses to Greedy Love

  1. My husband and I met when we were in college. 2 years later, we were engaged. 2 years after that we were married. Each year we have grown together so that phrase, “the two shall become one” really has a special meaning for us. Each day is better than the last. I can’t recall the last time either of us raised our voices to each other. We’re both greedy for more. 45 years of love. Thanks for this.
    Congrats on your 37th!

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  2. You and Trudy were very fortunate to have found each other!

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  3. Wynne Leon says:

    What a beautiful post and sentiment, Mitch!! Here’s to you two!!

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  4. RasmaSandra says:

    I wish you both many more years of love. I took my mom in her 80s back to live in her homeland Latvia, we lived in the suburbs of the capital Riga. This was in 1994 then two things happened – mom died in 1996, and I had found my soul mate Martin. We had 20 years together, and then he died suddenly in 2017. I can say these years were not enough when there is true love, and after I ran from the memories, sold the house there, and returned to the US to Florida and it all still seems like it happened yesterday, but I do have my memories and know we will meet again that, and the Lord keeps me going and of course my online writing, blogging, and poetry.

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  5. Happy Anniversary, Mitch and Trudy! There is some profound truth in what you say here, Mitch. The love that develops over the long journey is deeper, more resilient. The bond becomes part of your wholeness and you truly are greedy for more. Meri and I are in our 49th year and the love just keeps growing.

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  6. 00individual says:

    Congrats on 38 years: wife and I are enjoying our 47th!
    Also congrats on the film award – great times, eh?

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  7. Nice. Congratulations, Mitch. God bless!

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  8. Gary Fultz says:

    What a great place to be Mitch. 38 years and wanting more is a lighthouse to those headed for the rocks should they want what you have.

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  9. Abe Austin says:

    Congratulations, Mitch! I sure hope the next 37 are as soul-enriching and bonding as the last!

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  10. Happy wedding anniversary, Mitch! How wonderful that you and your wife figured out how to love each other ❤

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  11. says:

    Happy anniversary to you and Trudy. Ours is next Monday and it will be 58 for us❤️

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  12. Caroll says:

    Congratulations! Marriage is work and it’s worth it. P.S. I know Pirate’s Cove well. I grew up in Costa Mesa. Cheers to you both!

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  13. Happy Anniversary Mitch and Trudy! Next year will be our 40th. I do think longevity in marriage is a sign of consistent caring, compromising, learning, and evolving…each and every day along the way.

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  14. Debi Walter says:

    Congratulations! What a legacy you are building and it’s attractive. Thank you for your commitment and making marriage look good. We also celebrate every anniversary by reminiscing the times we’ve shared. This is one time when “greedy for more” is encouraged. We just celebrated the 44th anniversary of Tom’s proposal. 🍷🍷❤️

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  15. revruss1220 says:

    Abundant anniversary blessings to both of you. You have each enriched one another’s lives. And it is so appropriate that you are celebrating TODAY which, as Alexa told me this morning, is International Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day.

    Shiver me timbers! Here’s a hearty flagon of ale to many, many more.

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  16. K.L. Hale says:

    Happy Anniversary, Mitch and Trudy! What shining examples of “stick-with-it-ness”. Your greed, Mitch, is a greed we need! 💛

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  17. Happy Anniversary. Congratulations on 37. Quite a feat. And I love your line . . . “still greedy for more.” That says love to me through the thick and the thin. Congratulations.

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  18. Manu says:

    A beautiful post Mitch. May the Lord bless you both with many wonderful years more. Happy Anniversary.

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  19. murisopsis says:

    Happy Anniversary! And I hope you have many more years together!!

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  20. Chaya Sheela says:

    Happy anniversary. Here is wishing you and your wife many, many more.

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  21. Happy Anniversary to you and Trudy! Stay greedy for more; it gets even better when you reach your 50th. I should know! 💕

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  22. Congratulations and Happy Anniversary!

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  23. AJ Hauser says:

    Happy Anniversary, and good luck with your greedy endeavor 😉

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  24. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Happy belated anniversary, Mitch & Trudy! Love how you admit to traversing some rocky patches during your marriage. But look what happened! You learned how to love each other better, and from that new level of love, you craved even more. This is what couples miss when they decide that marital trouble can only be solved by splitting up. We’ve also experienced difficulties over the years, but with God’s help managed to work through them. Your attitude–learn to love each other better–is key. (It’s NOT demanding the other person be what we want them to be!) S. and I just celebrated anniversary #52 in August.

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  25. Congratulations, Mitch and Trudy!
    Wow, what longevity throughout the comments. Great models for the current generation.

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  26. Jack says:

    Enjoyed this post. And hey, there is a Pirate’s Cove in Alabama too, on Mobile Bay’s Eastern Shore. My late great-uncle had a house there. Lots of great memories!

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  28. ahmmedsalim says:

    Thank you, Manette.

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  29. Wow so much love to Rebecca

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  30. This is sweet. Thanks for checking out my blog, btw.


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