Pre-loved People

Malcolm's MusingsMy Featured Blogger this week is Malcolm of Malcom’s Musings. I don’t know Malcolm’s last name (pretty sure it’s not “Musings”), but I do feel I know his heart — and it’s a ringer. Malcom’s posts shine with compassion and a good deal of wisdom; he’s a retired teacher. But then he’s still teaching through his blog — and that’s a ringer too, btw. Read on!

I smile when advertisers use the term ‘pre-loved’ to avoid describing an item as ‘second-hand’. A pre-loved wedding dress must be better than a second-hand one; pre-loved toys sound more attractive than second-hand toys.

I’ve bought many pre-loved books. Recently these have included Pinocchio, The Railway Children… To Kill A Mockingbird, Of Mice And Men… books that I should have read before.

‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ arrived yesterday. ‘Keziah Greatorex’ had written her name in the front and certainly pre-loved it – with multicoloured highlighter pens and extensive notes in the margins!

Pre-loved clothes, cars, furniture, pets… were loved once, but they’re no longer loved… The hope is that they can be loved again.

This image is used repeatedly in the Bible. The once loved wife, left deserted and distressed, who finds new love… that nation moving from good times, through bad times, back to good times… the journey from love…

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6 Responses to Pre-loved People

  1. T Saring says:

    It has a touch of sadness although coated amply in hope. Loved it.

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  2. Interesting take – it’s like a mix of marketing with a side of hope. I like it – thanks for giving me something to chew on this afternoon!

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  3. Karla Hale says:

    Mitch, your shares always have a way of speaking to me. I’m so happy when I meet other wonderful writers and humans!

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  4. This is really good food for thought. Have to admit though that after reading the part about things being second hand (which I wore/read/lived most of my life), the song “Second Hand Rose” began the journey through my head. Now I’ll be singing it for a week, but all in all this is really a new insight into second hand. My wedding dress was second hand, most of my clothes when growing up were hand-me-downs from my cousin and then my aunt, toys left over from older brother, but all in all great memories that are my own, never second hand. I love your shares, Mitch.

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