Coming Out, Hollywood Style

Coming Out in Hollywood

“Coming out” used to be a thing. For a celebrity to admit to any kind of unconventional sexual orientation could end their career. But now? It’s not a thing. Coming out is either celebrated or simply ignored. Heck, Broadway is so openly gay that they joke about it at the Tony Awards. I’ve often thought, if I ever received a Tony, I’d begin by saying, “I’m so grateful to work in a field where even an openly heterosexual man can be accepted for who he is!”

Being a conservative, on the other hand, holding any conservative views, much less actually being a Republican, is seen as career suicide. Still, some do. Celebrities who’ve come out as politically conservative (though not necessarily Trump-ites) include: Robert Downey Jr, Caitlyn Jenner, Mindy Kaling, Bruce Willis, Big Boi, Kurt Russell, Johnny Ramone, Cindy Crawford, Peyton Manning, Chuck Norris, LL Cool J, Kid Rock, Hillary Duff, Alice Cooper, Clint Eastwood, Melissa Joan Hart, and Dwayne “the Rock” Johnson, who is considering a future run at the presidency!

Personally, when I was young I was liberal. When I was a little older I was conservative. And now? I’m officially coming out as a “radical moderate,” meaning I sometimes lean to the left and sometimes lean to the right (“stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!”). That’s right, today I am openly acknowledging that my political orientation is…


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  1. Just remember, you didn’t have to fight for the right to be who you are. See, some in society give crap, and still do, to people who are LBGTQ. They are treated like lesser because of it. I see that someone who recently came out, Elliot Page, is still getting grief for being transgender. So, where you can come out joking, some are still coming out struggling. Just some point to ponder.

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  2. Sheree says:

    Love it! 😂

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  3. hannahtk says:

    Fabulous read, Mitch!! :’)

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  4. What about celebrities who come out as Christian? That can be a real career-killer. According to people in a position to know these things, many of them stay in the closet for fear of the backlash.

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  5. Dr. Ernie says:

    Welcome to the Radical Centrist fold, brother! If you want to make it official, add “non-binary” the Wikipedia page 🙂

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  6. Len says:

    So good to find another fellow traveler in the radical middle. As an Episcopal priest, I can tell you that it’s a careful walk… even though we’ve historically touted ourselves as the”via media.” Best and Blessings,

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  7. C.A. Post says:

    Seems Bob Dylan was a radical “Middler.” The left castigated him for talking about Jesus and the right criticized him as being too worldly to be “real.”
    Wonder what Jesus will say to him when they meet! 😁

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  8. Nancy says:

    Love this, Mitch. Great read.

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  9. Paula Light says:

    Haha same! Everyone hates me when I talk politics 😂

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  10. Badfinger (Max) says:

    I call myself a conservative hippie…I thought that would cover all grounds.

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  11. Enjoyed this, Mitch.

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  12. pastorpete51 says:

    On this subject my dad always used to comment that, “The middle of the road is the easiest place to get run over.”

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  13. Ana Daksina says:

    OMG, you are SO COURAGEOUS!!! My parents would SO freak out if I did this! WHAT an inspi-RA-tion… 🤣👌

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  14. I love it. I guess that “you’re stuck in the middle with me.” I’m also a radical moderate in much the same ways, feeling strongly for issues on both sides of the political spectrum.

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  15. Are there different preferred pronouns that go with that? If I have unintentionally offended you, I do apologize.

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  16. joyroses13 says:

    YES! LOL! This describes my feelings on politics perfectly!

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  17. stolzyblog says:

    I don’t know what conservative means this decade. There seems no underlying principle. I am also getting less and less to know what progressive means, though I have a good feeling about what it should mean. Thus, I do not really have a clear feeling about what people mean when they declare as one of these labels. It seems the only authentic stance is to have a position, a thoughtful one, about every issue of consequence. This can be achieved, still, in today’s peculiar world (information access wise). But having achieved that… good luck trying to map it satisfyingly or convincingly onto a party or political platform, either local or national. I would add that a very important element which helps get a handle on a person, politically, is to ask them to rank their top 5 issues — regardless of stance — just the bare issues.

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  18. TamrahJo says:

    I’m a ‘centrist’?? If that label is understood or accepted on any front – at all – All for fiscal reponsibility and social justice – etc. But even that, is often, a dangerous thing to say out loud – thus, to me, I’m first off, “A history buff” and I think, “Well, great! Iive in the beginning days of rule by division, informants and shame/blame/force’ – now where in history has that taken place, before, many times – – oh,,,yes – – LOL Well, okey-dokey – guess I’d rather go out in first wave of ‘force’ than be quiet and wonder, just when ‘they who are in power’ on any front – at any level, will come for me – 😀 Sigh – yellowstone caldera will blow, someday, most say – me? If I can? driving straight towards it – figure it will be wide open highways for awhile – – 😀

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    • TamrahJo says:

      P.S. – I will speak, even though I risk forceful attack from others who wish to ‘force’ others – I needed to clarify that – I don’t go looking for a fight, on purpose, but if someone brings to me, because I ain’t agreeing with their every word spoken? Well…sigh – if this is what must be – – so be it – – I guess – now – where did I put my sword and do I fall on it or hold my shield tight, so I may be buried with it? I am at home – thus, not like I traveled for this stuff – LOL

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  19. simba frank says:

    Spot on no need to be on the extreme right nor on the left

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  20. Question is what’s a Republican these days?

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  21. It’s ironic, isn’t it. The more ‘enlightened’ we become as a species, the less that knowledge makes us happier (content). (Eccles/ Solomon). The benefit of Age, for me, is just wanting to live our lives without trumpeting causes, politics, or opinions (on social media). Mostly, leave me (alone) to my beliefs, practices, and attitudes that do not harm others. What have I become?

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  22. I’m with you in the radical middle.

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  23. Jack says:

    Great post! The only conservative I noticed that you missed was Chuck Norris.

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  24. jmfayle says:

    Too funny! 😄 Great post, Mitch.

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  25. It is ironic how there is a push for acceptance on one hand, but a promotion of not accepting conservatives on another. I bet that can seem a tad bit hypocritical to the celebrities coming out as “Conservatives” hopefully one day it will not be considered “career suicide” for them.

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  26. Nancy Richy says:

    Political leanings aside, I’d vote for The Rock any day! Did you see how he saved California in San Andreas and survived Jumanji like a rock star, no pun intended? Man, I’ll never forget how he literally saved the world from global devastation in Rampage and was willing to sacrifice himself in Jungle Cruise. Remember how he got framed for that horrible fire in Skyscraper yet ended up clearing his name and saving his family who were trapped in the inferno? He can tear people limb from limb as Hercules yet tenderly carry Moana to safety in those same strong hands and sing “You’re Welcome” like nobody’s business. And last but not least, let’s not forget he can clean just about anybody’s clock in the wrestling ring. Yep, The Rock can do it all quite well. I stand with The Rock!

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  27. Although you are writing about a serious subject, you did so with such humor, I found myself chuckling many times. 🙂 Still — this was a courageous piece.

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