5 Years Ago This Week

Five years ago, my newly-completed feature film Healing River (then titled Over-the-Rhine) had its world premiere at Cincinnati’s historic Memorial Hall. It was a heady moment, to say the least — the audience cried and cheered. Healing River went on to win multiple film festival awards and finally premiered on Amazon Prime, where it remains one of the streaming network’s highest-rated inspirational movies.

And now…the novel! I’m negotiating the publishing rights to the literary version of Healing River. And you can help! How? Publishers google writers to see what kind of “presence” they have online. My presence is pretty good, actually, but an extra boost around now couldn’t hurt! You, my blogging friends and followers, have been nothing short of wonderful in cheering on my past projects (thank you, thank you, thank you!), so…

Here’s what you can do for my new novel:

  • Visit the “Mitch Teemley” Wikipedia page – this generates google-osity (pretty sure I just invented that term). You might even learn a few things you didn’t know about me (gee, that didn’t sound narcissistic ;>)
  • Rate Healing River at IMDb It already has spectacular reviews there, but the voting, IMDb’s 1-to-10-stars system, was hacked by “1-star trolls” the moment the film came out (half of whom weren’t even in countries where the film was showing). That was followed by a flurry of upvotes from the movie’s fans, which raised its score to a 9 (even with the troll-votes factored in). But then, because the majority of HR’s fans hadn’t voted for any other movies, IMDb decided they were fake and actually counted them against our movie, reducing it from a 9 to a 5! So…if you vote for the film, please vote (whether up or down) for a dozen or more other movies, as well (ones you’ve actually seen), so that IMDb knows you’re real!

Thank you, everyone, for your ongoing support, and most of all, for your friendship!


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45 Responses to 5 Years Ago This Week

  1. I love this .thanks Anita

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  2. ejstoo says:


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  3. Just helped your Google-osity and enjoyed the greater detail of your journey. You have been blessed Mitch. But why Cincinnati? I am guessing amazing real estate prices. I gather from other blogs it wasn’t its occasionally fabulous sports teams.

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Thanks so much, Bob. When the movie industry took a downturn, I cast my net nationally and found church in Cincinnati that was looking for someone to reinvent how they did worship services, including using a lot of creative media, so we relocated.

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  4. Mitch! I didn’t know you’re an Anteater! Meri and I are, too! UCI, 1974! ZOT!

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  5. Bette Cox says:

    Done and Done, Mitch! I did rate many movies I’ve watched over the years, which was interesting. Some are now available on “Freevee” and I might just watch a few of them again. Best wishes, and prayers too! Bette Cox, Florence, SC

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  6. K.L. Hale says:

    You have mine, Mitch! Congratulations on the 5 year anniversary. I love the movie so much! 🥰

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  7. Debi Walter says:

    Done. Congrats on 5 years—so awesome.

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  8. I had no idea you have a Wikipedia page! I just visited.

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  9. GolNaran says:

    Congratulations on the anniversary.
    Th movie is so beautiful & inspirational,
    and I love it so much.

    Many blessings, დ

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  10. WebbBlogs says:

    Congratulations Mitch! I didn’t know you had a Wikipedia page…..heading there now. 😁

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  11. Congratulations, Mitch!
    Wrote reviews ✔
    Purchased DVDs and gave them as gifts ✔
    Read bio on Wikipedia ✔

    Oops, you didn’t mention the second one but it must help spread the awareness. Blessings to you on the negotiations.

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  13. Done and done. Tell ’em we’re ready to preorder the book!

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  14. Lisa Beth says:

    Well, read about you on Wikipedia! Plan to watch Healing River tomorrow and post my review.
    Congratulations Mitch, on all your expressions of talent, imagination and creativity and for being a husband a wife can love for 35 years!

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  15. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Wow, congratulations Mitch! 😀

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  16. Ann Coleman says:

    Once again, “smart” technology messes up! But consider it done…I’ll visit those sites and I’ll vote. Congrats on your book!

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  17. Lisa Beth says:

    Just finished watching Healing River, so glad you posted about it. I loved this film. The acting was believable, the script was authentic, and the plot was totally engaging. I wrote a review on Amazon, “Something for Everyone” but I didn’t mention that, ‘coincidently’, someone who had harmed me in the past just got arrested yesterday for some offense. Perhaps this film was a timely message for my heart.
    I loved the music, esp Healing River and Impossible Love. These are too beautiful to keep locked in the movie alone. Also, about those mugs. I love those mugs and have been looking for such shaped mugs for a long time! But I also wonder, the clay on the wheel turning and molding – symbolic of God the Great Potter molding and shaping this mother’s heart?
    Congratulations Mitch, great movie! * * * * *

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    • Lisa Beth says:

      P.S. I think I saw you!!! Yes, it was you!!!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed it, Lisa, and that the film spoke to you. Also delighted to hear that you wrote an Amazon review. We’d definitely like to get the songs out there (“Impossible Love” is available, but not the others). The “squircle”-shaped mugs were custom-made for us by Rick Hoffman of Covington Clay in Kentucky. And, yes, the Potter symbolism is intended, both as a reference to God (hence the lyric in the opening song, “Where is the Potter that first made me whole?”) and to Ingrid’s role in re-shaping Alec. Thanks for paying such close attention–not that many people catch the metaphors!

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  18. Butterfly says:

    Nice post 😄

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  19. gpavants says:


    You got it.


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  20. Congrats Mitch, I enjoyed your movie and now on the novel too… you’re truly on a role my friend!!!

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