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I’m up to my proverbial eyeballs in projects once again – the chiefest of which is my daughter’s wedding (which I’m officiating, btw)! Hence, I’ll be on hiatus for a week or so. Therefore, this is the perfect time for you to peruse these surefire-whiz-bang-boy-howdy-blog-posts you might have missed! Click here:

The Wishing Map

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11 Responses to Visit Another World!

  1. Alcon says:


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  2. Alcon says:

    Nice Sha

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  3. Alcon says:

    😁😁 Hello please follow my blog for Nigeria updates 😁 and entertainment updates.

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  4. Debi Walter says:

    Congrats on your daughter’s wedding. What an exciting time in your family, and to officiate is even more special.

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  5. Mitch, you’re always an inspiration. Such special news and congratulations. (My niece asked me to officiate her wedding in the fall. It’s the third time someone has asked me. I’ve declined in the past because I’m not an ordained pastor. I’ve been praying and seeking guidance…) Thank you for sharing this. ❤️

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  6. ejstoo says:

    Neat pics. Good luck with the wedding and best wishes to the happy couple.

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  7. Adelheid says:

    Congratulations on your daughter’s wedding! 🥰

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