I Am Right Behind You

AnnabelMy Featured Blogger this Week is Annabel of The Modern Etiquette. Annabel is a poet, writer and professional dancer, as demonstrated in her beautiful classical Indian-inspired piece above. There’s a delicacy and tenderness streaked with enduring strength in everything Annabel undertakes. Enjoy, and visit her blog to see more!

It seems I’ve deviated from your gaze,

Hiding safely inside April’s coy dews,

Longing for a crystal world of my own.

Smiles, tears, dancing all my life,

dreams as the north wind blows restlessly,

to bleed, to rest in penance ever willingly,

and to wake at dawn still, holding a fragment

of life’s lamenting song in billowing cold.

But do not worry, my friend,

Wherever you go,

I am walking right behind you.

This spring has been a very busy season for me since I’m working on a few dance projects at the same time on tight deadlines. Nevertheless, I am happy to share this new dance of mine. It was inspire by a beautiful Indian song and I tested it out as a preliminary work for a site dance project💕. Hope you enjoy!

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8 Responses to I Am Right Behind You

  1. mic says:


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  2. Michele Lee says:

    A wonderful share! Annabel is an incredibly talented and beautiful human. 💖

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  3. Beautiful poem and imagery Annabel. The title alone gave me a long deep breath. Heading over to your channel to subscribe and enjoy all the movements you shared, including the one to accompany this post. [Thank you Mitch for introducing us to this bright star] ⭐️

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  4. Beautiful dance, Annabel! My granddaughter has just recently shown a great interest (and talent) in dance. I will be sure to show her this video and steer her toward your blog. I’m sure she will find your dancing inspiring.

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  5. Damyanti Biswas says:

    What a beautiful post! Beautifully done Annabel ❤ "dreams as the north wind blows restlessly, to bleed, to rest in penance ever willingly…" You have penned down some really beautiful words too!

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  6. IndiaNetzone says:

    Elements of Indian classical dance as per ‘Abhinaya Darpana Prakasha’ are divided into three distinct categories, namely, ‘Natya’, ‘Nritya’ and ‘Nritta’. ‘Natya’ is related to drama and ‘Nritya’ to the gesture accompanied by a musical composition. ‘Nritta’ refers to pure dancing where the body movements do not express any meaning. All these aspects use movements of the limbs and poses of the human body as their medium.

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