An Unknown Future

Unseen (

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”
~Corrie ten Boom


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13 Responses to An Unknown Future

  1. Surrendering to the unSEEN with you Mitch! thank you for the serene sunday reminder ☀️

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    Corrie Ten Boom was such an inspiration! Great quote!

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  3. Corrie ten Boom is a favorite survivor of mine. I’ve read some of her books multiple times because there are rich truths to savor.

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  4. One of my favorite themes in scripture the dying to live, and the unseen versus the seen! The paradox! Great reminder!

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  5. oneta hayes says:

    He knows what is on the other side of that mountain. I don’t. I’d be foolish to trust myself more than I trust Him.

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  6. Damyanti Biswas says:

    Beautiful proverb 🙂

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  7. revruss1220 says:

    One of my favorite Bible verses ever.

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  8. Ann Coleman says:

    Perfect quote for today!

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  9. Regal2008 says:

    If you don’t mind asking, what does this verse mean to you personally?

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    • mitchteemley says:

      No, I don’t mind. It’s a truth stated in various passages in the Bible: the fact that what we see and experience in the present (whether joyful or tragic) isn’t the ultimate Reality, and therefore not what we should live for.


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