Abandoned cars, ships, factories, houses. Some seem lonely, orphaned. Others deserve their fate. They cry, “I was beautiful and important once!” And we reply, “No, you never were.” Many are beautiful only now that they’ve been reclaimed by a splendor which existed long before their human creators, desperate for immortality, gave them their garish facades. The more they merge with the world around them, one that existed long before they were born, the more the beauty of that world and of its Creator adorns them. How many people are the same?

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“The smell hit her first. Mold. Dampness. Cold lifeless things. Within, there was a darker sort of silence, as if the building had been holding its breath for so long it had forgotten how to breathe.”  ~Angela Panayotopulo

          “All is as if the world did cease to exist. The city’s monuments go unseen, its past unheard, and its culture slowly fading in the dismal sea.”    ~Nathan Reese Maher

“He stood there for a moment looking around the silent room, shaking his head slowly. All these books, he thought, the residue of a planet’s intellect, the scrapings of futile minds, the leftovers, the potpourri of artifacts that had no power to save men from perishing.” ~Richard Matheson

“I bought this place for a pittance, because it was a dump. Rejected, abandoned, unwanted. Like me. I fixed it up. Made it mine.” ~Jasinda Wilder

“The greatest loss lies in our inability to accept loss.” ~Craig D. Lounsbrough

   “God draws near to the brokenhearted. He leans toward those who are suffering. He knows what it feels like to be wounded and abandoned.”    ~John D. Richardson

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35 Responses to Abandoned

  1. Harshi says:

    It’s very sad when the living are abandoned. Elderly people, children and of course pets.

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  2. atimetoshare.me says:

    Great photos!

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  3. Margy says:

    Enjoyed these photos! Are the ones not attributed to someone your photos?

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  4. Anna Joy says:

    I guess it’s kinda sad, but still very interesting and cool to see such old things. It makes you appreciate all that God has given us ❤

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  5. Michele Lee says:

    Amazing images! There is often great mystery with abandoned things.

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  6. Some of these remind me of Walter Crump’s assemblage artwork: https://waltercrump.com/galleries/still-life-3/

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  7. Fascinating. Beautiful finish.

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  8. “the residue of a planet’s intellect” Haunting, isn’t it.

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  9. That is a big thought! Will think about that.

    Sandy ________________________________

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  10. I’m not missing the message in the post, but those pictures are totally cool.

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  11. ejstoo says:

    Cool pictures. We need to find a way to get our elderly better treatment. They are our living representation of the past and they don’t deserve to be treated like cattle at any stage in the system.

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  12. annieasksyou says:

    Nice, Mitch. Thoughtful and thought-provoking. Poignant.

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  13. johnlmalone says:

    a stunning array of photos and captions; it’s posts like this that keep me on WordPress —

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  14. Rhonda says:

    Terrific post. Those pictures are amazing and the captions too. Love it!

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  16. Elaine says:

    The captions on some of the photos were as poignant as the photos themselves i.e. Retired Warrior

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  17. successbmine says:

    Great photos. The old houses remind me of some of the videos I have watched about abandoned houses and mansions and castles throughout Europe. I love watching them, especially those that are still fully furnished and with clothes, photo albums and everything still intact. But it’s sad at the same time. I can’t help but wonder what happened that they had to leave all that luxury behind. Some of them do have stories to tell, but others, nothing is known about them. Love your quotes, too.

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  18. t says:

    This is both haunting and mesmerising all at once; while being thought provoking. Absolutely stunning.

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  19. “Haunting” questions, too… Like, how in the world did the “sea of granite” happen?

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  20. Both beautiful and melancholy Mitch..,

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  21. Almost every picture brings to mind fantastic movie scenes (imaginary) that I find myself wanting to tell! Fantastic!

    Quote wise is Ms Wilder’s quote and this one for me! — “ “God draws near to the brokenhearted. He leans toward those who are suffering. He knows what it feels like to be wounded and abandoned.” ~John D. Richardson”

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  22. Discover and Explore says:

    Sensational soulful images 👍👍👍👍

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  23. Anonymous says:

    Wow! They are all beautiful!

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