Earth Love

A lot of Earth Day articles focus on guilt. We certainly do have plenty to be ashamed of when it comes to how we’ve treated our planet and its inhabitants, human and otherwise. But I believe love is a better motivator than guilt. After all, when each of us was born (and this doesn’t just apply to humans), we fell madly in love with the world around us, were full of wonder and couldn’t get enough of it. It’s not too late to fall in love again. Let’s rediscover how magnificent and varied this planet is…and show it how we feel!

Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slide show.

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15 Responses to Earth Love

  1. ejstoo says:

    I’m assuming that some of the pictures are meant to be in juxtaposition to others? Interesting.

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  2. Redavons says:

    First you must learn to see. Then you can begin to appreciate and understand.

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  3. believe4147 says:

    Great post of pictures showing the beauty and the ugly of our world—It certainly isn’t how the Lord created it.

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  4. ScubaHankNYC says:

    I love the kitten and railroad track images!

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  5. I like the way you illustrate your point with the order and content of the photos!! We have been blessed with so much wonder and possibility! As long as we have breathe, there’s hope we can find our way back to that wonder and appreciation of beauty! Good stewardship!

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  6. Michele Lee says:

    A lovely compilation. Thank you for sharing.

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  7. K.L. Hale says:

    Love the focus on love, Mitch!

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  8. Ann Coleman says:

    It’s amazing what we can do if we try….

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  9. Janice Reid says:

    Loved the collage of pictures!

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  10. Brilliant! Thank you for sharing 😊🌍

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