Broken Relationships

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Thought for the Week

Whatever your biggest priority is, whatever you’re most passionately or desperately trying to accomplish in life — if it’s not about relationships, it should be number two on your To Do List.

Because life is about relationships.

The Museum of Broken Relationships (“Brokenships”) in Zagreb, Croatia is unique in that literally everyone on earth is invited to contribute to its exhibits. Why? Because everyone on earth has broken relationships. The Museum exists, their website explains, “(for) the sole purpose of treasuring and sharing your heartbreak stories and symbolic possessions. It is a museum about you, about us, about the ways we love and lose.” And it’s one of the fastest growing museums in the world.

But people were never intended to live there. In fact, the museum’s purpose is to help people deal with their broken relationships, so that they won’t have to live there.

“Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar (of creativity, success, security, fame, or even God), and remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar; and first go and be reconciled to them — then come back and offer your gift” (Matthew 5:23-24).

Because life is about relationships.

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41 Responses to Broken Relationships

  1. Really profound and sounds an amazing kind of museum but the taxi driver’s poster made me really laugh!

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  2. Really profound and sounds an amazing kind of museum but the taxi driver’s poster made me really laugh!

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  3. Wish we’d had more time in Zagreb, just the airport to get into and out of NW Bosnia.

    What a ponderful website. (Spellcheck doesn’t like my winsome word.

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  4. ejstoo says:

    Kind of sad…that is one of the things that kids often end up affected by. It is worse on them when they find someone to blame. Sounds like it might be a useful exhibit to help some of them let go. I’ve also read of some other ceremonies that might help some people. Make a ceremony of some sort, plant a tree, grieve what was lost and move on. Some people it is hard to get closure…cases of murder, missing bodies etc. Just so many things can happen in life. Getting stuck can be hard. If you have no body, you don’t know where they went, what happened, what could have been different. Anyway, sometimes you get closure…find out what happened…and sometimes you don’t. Truth often sets people free.

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  5. Neese says:

    Hahaha, he had me at 11 cabbages. I can take a couple off his list-thinking fried, boiled and slaw…

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  6. Truth. We need to forgive and be forgiven as Christ did for us.

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  7. Food for the soul. Every bit of forgiveness helps. That’s why the story of Joseph can make me weep.

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  9. It is, indeed, Mitch! And one would think that we humans would get better at building positive relationships.

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  10. Also, if every single relationship you’ve ever had is broken? You may want to consider that there’s a slight possibility that you are the common denominator. 😄

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  11. Pastor Randy says:

    Amen, Mitch! It’s always about moving forward. But I had not heard about this museum. I will ahve to check out it’s website!

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  12. #hood says:

    matthew 5:48-49


  13. Ah, something to think about. So doesn’t emotional pain produce art? Interesting museum, a creative idea in itself! Nice post.

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  14. rwfrohlich says:

    Thought-provoking post; i will meditate on it. But, 11 cabbages?

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  15. Thank God for positive, uplifting relationships possible through Jesus.

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  16. Carla says:

    I went to a 50th birthday party and we were all asked to write down our biggest regret in our lives, then we burned them. The idea was to move on and let it go. I like this museum, but I also like the scripture that tells us to reconcile those relationships. I wish I had done that throughout my life. Great post, Mitch.

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  17. Ananda says:

    So beautiful Mitch . Thank you 🙏

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  18. I completely agree. Our relationships should be our main priority in life. I would love to visit that museum one day, it sounds so interesting!

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  19. Yes, human life is about relationships.  So is pretty much everything we can say that isn’t grossly oversimplified.  Stuff is hardly ever hot or cold all by itself; it’s mostly just hotTER or coldER than other stuff of interest.

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  20. I agreed with your sentiments.

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  21. uwagood says:

    How do you generally reply to the problems in your relationship? Do you get angry? Do you feel frustrated and helpless? Do you fluently give up? Or do you do something to fix whatever it’s that’s broken?

    The verity is, only a few people actually know how to survive the topmost challenges in their relationship, while most end up saying farewell to their love stories with a broken heart – and you should learn from this.
    The trouble with arguments is that they do n’t work.

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  23. nickigist says:

    I agree with you

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  24. nickigist says:

    I need followers 😢

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  25. Tricksofaplayer2022 says:

    I agree with this post completely !

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  26. Robert Partington says:

    Thanks for this. Crisp, but profound. Richard Swenson wrote, “We know that relationship is so important to God because He does all His work there. That is why progress missed Him. Progress kept telling us to search for buried treasure inside bank vaults, while all the time God had it buried in the heart of our neighbour.”

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