Good Pain

No Growth Without Change 1

“Don’t try to get out of anything prematurely. Let endurance finish its work, so that you may be mature and complete, lacking in nothing.”

~James 1:3-4

“For through your patient endurance you will gain your soul.”

~Luke 21:19


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16 Responses to Good Pain

  1. 🎶Must Jesus n
    bear the cross alone, and all the world go free? Yes, there’s a cross for everyone, and there’s a cross for me.🎶

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  2. Chris Ciccarelli says:

    👍🏻🙏🏻Anyone who has raised children & now have the joy of living near their Grandchildren can see themself in this verse.. I wish I had this printed on the dashboard of my car, written on my interarm, on the ceiling of the bathroom, bedroom, over the kitchen sink & also wrote it in my purse so that everytime I opened it I’d be reminded.. For now, it’s a “screenshot” so when I turn my phone on, I’ll be reminded to think first.. Thanks Mitch!!

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  3. The Rick Warren quote reminds me of the exercise slogan “No pain; no gain!”

    One of my own painful gains was learning that people can be so bemused by the genuine wisdom in a pithy quote that they lose track of the pesky nuances and qualifications needed for application to the messy real world.

    Here is an example with physical pain.  While the pain of having an infected tooth extracted is worth it, the pain from trying to fix being pigeon-toed by stretching the Achilles tendon is not.  After a few weeks of being barely able to walk as a kid doing painful prescribed stretches, I rebelled and started walking with a conscious effort to point my toes outward.  Took a while, but it worked.

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  4. These scriptures were right on time Mitch, 🙏🏾 🙌🏾

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  5. ejstoo says:

    Change requires motivation. Whether the motivation be avoid pain or experience pleasure….change requires wanting to make change 😉

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  6. #hood says:

    luke 46:44 the lord is my refuge & strength
    the lord is my helper when i am afraid


  7. Gary Fultz says:

    Timeless Truths fit everybody one way or the other. I am horrified by war and in awe of Bravery and courage as I sit, waiting for a call today, to know the outcome of a family member in a plane crash in Alaska. 50 friends and family may all have different reactions and even feelings, but the truth of those statements never change.

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  8. Yes. Been ruminating in a similar vein!

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  9. revruss1220 says:

    Yep. Hard truth, but truth for sure.

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  10. Liz says:

    Timely reminders, thank you.

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  11. pkadams says:

    Good verses, but Rick Warren is not a good guy. He is a main cause of the demise of American churches. Churches run by a business/growth model are not biblical churches .

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