Real Men Refuse to Grow Up!

I don’t play, I multitask. For example, I’ve discovered I can save time by peeing in the shower — that’s not immature, it’s practical, right? Seriously, though, if it’s wrong to lock up a child, then maybe it’s also wrong to lock up your inner child.

“The most sophisticated people I know – inside they are all children.”
~Jim Henson

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“Everything seemed possible, when I looked through the eyes of a child.
And every once in a while; I remember,
I still have the chance to be that wild.”
~Nikki Rowe

Maturity is neither defined by one’s particular preferences nor by one’s particular activities; rather, it is defined by the strength of one’s character.”
~Criss Jami

“When people complain of your complexity, they fail to remember that they made fun of your simplicity.”
~Michael Bassey Johnson

“The child is in me still and sometimes not so still.”
~Fred Rogers

“There is a child in all of us that refuses to grow up, a child that is in awe of what can be, the polar opposite of the cynic in us who despairs over what is.”
~Shatrujeet Nath

“I’m not so sure that the adult within me teaches the child within me. Rather, I think that the child does most of the educating.”
~Craig D. Lounsbrough

“It is a curse to be childish, but a blessing to be childlike.”
~Mokokoma Mokhonoana


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44 Responses to Real Men Refuse to Grow Up!

  1. I think some fellas have too much time on their hands. 😉

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  2. Laughed out loud at a bunch of these. Thanks, Mitch. Find your fun wherever you can and make it when you can’t find it. That’s what I believe.

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  3. You just kicked off the weekend! The “can’t get the ornament off the baby’s foot” reminds me of Brent Timmons’s story on Our American Stories where he decides to use a liquid bandage for his son’s forehead cut instead of taking him for stitches. Yes, he gets stuck! (Easily google-able)

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  4. I agree, “Don’t grow up – it’s a trap”

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  5. revruss1220 says:

    Tell the truth, Mitch. My wife put you up to this, didn’t she.
    (I bet it was after I told her that I wanted to work on inventing a gun that would shoot basketballs at people).

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  7. ejstoo says:

    I think there are limits, like when people get hurt.

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  8. It’s the childlike sense of wonder that is so priceless.

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  9. I absolutely love all of this!! Thank you 🙏

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  10. believe4147 says:

    These were fun. We all need some light-heartedness. Thanks for the smile.

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  11. murisopsis says:

    Whimsy can make the unbearable bearable and the complicated simple. That’s how I roll!

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  12. #hood says:

    favorite carl reiner quote o film

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  13. badfinger20 (Max) says:

    Great quotes Mitch.

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  15. You never fail to amuse me. Reblogged this on Kentucky Angel’s Reflections on life and commented “Once again ******”. I wish I could remember what I said completely but such is life for kids at heart. In real life I’m old as Kentucky dirt, but on the inside still a child and hope to always see the world through the eyes of a child. Great post, Mitch.

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  16. Kralltown says:

    Great reminder, Mitch

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  17. Great pics and great quotes. There’s so much truth in humor–that’s why it’s funny. Thanks for the chuckles.

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  18. Jennie says:

    The greatest complement I ever had was, “Jennie you’re just a big kid.”

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  19. Nancy Ruegg says:

    The bit about never being bored if the ceiling fan could hold a person’s weight reminded me of what our son and friend (maybe twelve or thirteen at the time?) did one evening of a sleepover. They made a bunch of confetti from old magazines, piled it up on the fan blades, and flipped the switch! They said the result was AMAZING to watch. Unfortunately, no smart phones back then to capture the action. But on the plus side, no time outs were necessary either. The only evidence of the caper was the wastebasket full of confetti!

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  20. Josh Sanders says:

    Wow this was on me of the best posts I’ve seen in a while. Awesome🤣

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  21. Yacoob says:

    The phantom foot might cause an early death, if discovered….

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