My Biggest Hits of 2021

Derelict Robin

Rivelin Valley, Sheffield, 17 Feb 2011. Erithacus rubecula.
The image was taken as part of a long term project recording urban wildlife in Sheffield. This window is in a dilapidated and overgrown building on a set of abandoned allotments. The window had been covered up the previous year and had a growth of moss etc. The day I took the picture it still has some frost on the glass. The area is wildlife rich but is being turned back to working allotments. The robin was a resident around the building and often perched in the window. The area has a number of bird feeders run by gardeners. The image was taken from a hide in the winter of 2011. The robin is in upright/alert pose, he has probably just seen a magpie or his rival robin!

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