How Will We Remember 2021?

Most years don’t develop a “brand” until people have had a while to look back on them. Some are marked by positive events: 1945 (the end of World War II), 1964 (the Civil Rights Act and music –“the British Invasion”), 1967 (the “Summer of Love”). Some are marked by disaster: 2001 (9/11 and the war against terrorism), 2020 (I don’t have to tell you). How will we look back on 2021? “The Year That Looked Like It Might be Better, but Then Kinda Wasn’t, but Then Kinda Was in Some Ways?” Here are some images from my blog posts in 2021. My conclusion? 2021 doesn’t have a “brand” yet, but I’d like to suggest one: “The Year We Started to Hope Again.”

Click on any image to enlarge it, or to begin slide show.

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88 Responses to How Will We Remember 2021?

  1. Yet another fab photo gallery, Mitch. It’s that fork in the road snapshot that pretty much sums up where humanity ends up in ’21. Thanks for all the good you do both online and and in the real world. Wishing you and your loved ones a Happy, Healthy ’22 and beyond!

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  2. Title for 2021 – fake president

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  3. There were so many wonderful photos and clips here. Thanks for sharing them. I like your Thanksgiving tree.I’ll have to give that some thought.

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  4. leendadll says:

    Both the shortest and longest year ever!

    The baby shark gif makes me laugh!

    Happy 2022!

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  5. Book arrived just today: Gratitude: Affirming One Another Through Stories by Len Froyen. Though I just might read it today, but it’s a muller. Bruge: Where we “healed” after visiting the WWII grave of Uncle Danny Wilson at the Lorraine American Cemetery in France. Loved finding your “Healing River” quote. (Recognized the priest)

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  6. K.L. Hale says:

    What a great display of hope in these pictures! Here’s to hope and faith for 2022! May God bless you and yours, Mitch!

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  7. Another year in a prison of my own making, because of stupid people that cannot think outside of their own pleasure. The good thing is: we are winning in spite of them.

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  8. “The year that we started to hope again.” I like the sounds of that, especially if it means better days in 2022 and beyond. Like any good branding-advertising effort, it’s got one foot in fantasy and one foot in reality. Let’s hope it’s so!

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  9. Mitch, you have warmed and challenged my heart in so many ways this year, both in what you wrote and in what you showed me that widened my eyes and thoughts. Thank you for being here for all of us every day and for showing me ways to grow imagination, gratitude, laughter and sensibility. Happy New Year! Bring the new one on!!!

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  10. Great pictures. Happy 2022, brother Mitch!

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  11. Tiffany Guy says:

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing.

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  12. Happy and blessed New Year, Mitch. Thanks for sharing your wonderful spirit!🙏🎉🎊

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  13. ejstoo says:

    Happy New Year!

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  14. cindy knoke says:

    Health & Happiness in 2022!

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  15. #hood says:

    you didn’t mention year 61, 2022, 4547, o 9/13/01?

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  16. Lori M-I says:

    Wishing you and yours a happy and healthly 2022. May you continue to enjoy the fruits of your labours and be surrounded by all the people, places, and things you love.

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  17. Dani Ta says:

    Happy New Year. I hope we all have a great year ahead.

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  18. Good pics. I enjoyed. Happy 2022.

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  19. Rocky says:

    The year that never started.

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  20. Jon says:

    Mitch, may your pursuit of happiness continue to bear the fruit of the Spirit in 2022.

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  21. While many may try to forget 2021 due to the world crisis, some would like to hold on to their tiniest moments that brought happiness in their lives.

    Hoping to post happiness everywhere in present times … Wish You A
    💐 Happy New Year ! 🎉

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  22. Michael Sammut says:

    I wish you all the best. Happy New Year to you and your loved ones.

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  23. Ann Coleman says:

    You have a way of being honest about problems but also about all the reasons to be hopeful and positive.. I love that brand for 2021! Happy New Year, Mitch!

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  24. Some of the photos are so adorable. Happy new year to you. Hopefully this year will be better than the previous year. Although I also doubt. Ha ha ha.

    I love the photo of the dog stealing the food. ️

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