Caught in the Web of False Fate

C. Jung quote

Thought for the Week

Jung was right. If we don’t understand our own unconscious impulses, we are slaves to them. But that doesn’t mean constant self-focus (“what do I feel, what do I think, what do I want?”). True self-knowledge comes from beyond ourselves.

Consider how we hear: Even before we speak, we “hear” in our minds the sounds we intend to make. Then we speak and our inner ears pick up the sounds that resonate inside our heads, the tones that only we can hear. Finally, our outer ears pick up the sounds we release into the atmosphere, the version of our voice the world hears.

Self-knowledge comes from three sources, just as hearing does: from self, from others, and from our Creator. Morbid introspection, “navel gazing,” is like having only an inner ear, not knowing who we are in context. (Have you ever known someone who seemed “deaf” to what others knew about them?) Other people facilitate our awareness of who we are in the world; in helping each other, we improve our perception–together–because no soul exists in a vacuum (except, perhaps, in hell). Finally, there is the ultimate source, God, who “hears” who we are at the deepest level. Without our Creator’s insights, we can never really understand what we were intended to be. Only God can reveal that to us, little by little, day by day, relationally.

Socrates said, “The unexamined life is not worth living.” And he was right. But false examination is as useless as no examination. So be humble, be real, tap all three sources, expose false fate and…

Know thyself.

‘though ‘21 is all but done

the web remains, still tightly spun

what will we do in ‘22

that sets us free by ‘23?

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29 Responses to Caught in the Web of False Fate

  1. Half a Soul says:

    Great post. Jung also said “No tree can grow to Heaven unless its roots reach down to Hell”, meaning that unless we find a solution that reaches the darkest depths of the problem, the problem will remain unsolved. Only God can get that deep, but He uses many means to speak to us.

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  2. Abe Austin says:

    Very deep thoughts here, Mitch. Thank you.

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  3. Interesting how thoughts start in our mind as words..

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  4. Mitch, Your three fold process for self reflection is solid. Thank you.
    This is why I cringe when someone says, “I don’t care what other’s think!”Really?? Frankly, I NEED to know what people who love and know me best think about me. My sweet wife, and others have saved me from many impulsive, selfish decisions. I like to think I’ve helped others, from time to time, in the same way. Blessings to you and yours this holiday season.

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  5. ejstoo says:

    By reviewing numerous studies conducted on self, Shonman (1981 and 1984) identified three constructs as the main sources of self-knowledge: 1) self-observation, 2) social comparison, and 3) social feedback. Have a nice day.

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  6. Thought-provoking and useful insights, Mitch. Reminds me of Martin Luther’s definition of sin: being curved in upon the self.

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  7. #hood says:

    from 4546 to 4547


  8. This is absolutely true. C.S. Lewis spoke also of avoiding emotional entanglements. It’s like the old saying, “He who does not learn from the past is doomed to repeat it,” but with a slight variation: “If we fail to handle the baggage of our past, our current and future choices will not be so much UNDERTAKEN by us but DRIVEN by the past.”

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  9. Nancy Ruegg says:

    How breathtaking that the God of the universe WANTS to reveal his insights so we can understand who we’re intended to be. Also amazing, that in the becoming we discover great satisfaction and pleasure.

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  10. José Manuel says:

    Great post, Mitch. Very interesting. Best wishes for 2022!

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  11. Thanks for sharing such wonderful thoughts and quotes, Mitch! xx Michael

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  13. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Hmmm, there is NO!!! mention of ‘Free Will’ or Goddess Here EveryOne; but that’s OK as We ARE ALL Entitled to Our Opinions and B&V (Belief&Value) Systems EveryBody because Our Acceptance of Diversity is Durable and Serves ALL of Humanity even Those We Consider EVIL!!! 😈



  14. Matilda Novak says:

    Well reasoned, Mitch.
    That makes good sense to me.
    And i greatly appreciate your little verse at the end as well.
    i sense great awakening and freedom rapidly approaching
    (and i confess this is also a longstanding Prayer!)

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  15. “Other people facilitate our awareness of who we are in the world; in helping each other, we improve our perception–together…” = Iron sharpening iron. I need others to be healthy, balanced, and whole.

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  16. Ann Coleman says:

    Wise words, Mitch!

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