Some Things Never Change


Fall Elections were held in the U.S. this week. And as a result, my city now has a new mayor and a gaggle of fresh-blood council members. Why? Because, as the old expression goes, we “threw the (previous) bums out!” As the new bums take charge, I’m reminded of my grandfather’s motto, “Always vote for the new guy; he hasn’t had time to get his hand in the till yet.” But then, others counter, “No! Vote for experience!” And the jaded realists, snark, “It’s just the lesser of two weevils!” Ah, opinions! We may change leaders, but as Zhuangzi pointed out 2500 years ago…

Some things never change.

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16 Responses to Some Things Never Change

  1. Jack says:

    Love that expression “lesser of the two weevils.” I got a chuckle out of that.

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  2. Gail Perry says:

    And we spend a boatload of money on choosing the “lesser of two weevils!” Yup, some things never change!

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  3. CSL says:

    “Lesser of two weevils “? You went with that old bromide? But, then again, using it actually illustrates your point. 😉

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  4. Everything changes and everything stays the same!

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  5. Well expressed, Mitch. Sorta reminds me of Peter Townshend’s (Won’t Get Fooled Again) lyrical couplet “Meet the new boss; Same as the old boss”. Of course, we must remember that we are the bums’ bosses not… correction… NEVER vice versa.

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  6. Zhuangzi saw it back in his day. Yet, here we are yet again!

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  7. murisopsis says:

    My mother would intone “better the devil you know than the devil you don’t” when faced with bad choices. She would also say that even though all politicians were “more crooked than a dog’s hind leg”, at least when they were in office they’d be in the public eye and we could watch them more closely!

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  8. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I suppose I’m like Charlie Brown, always hopeful that Lucy will hold the football steady for him this time. I always want to believe that the new person, with an established record of worthy achievement, and who promises needed changes for the better, will actually work toward those goals and accomplish at least some of them!

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  9. grAnnie Roo says:

    I still admire your attitude, Mitch!

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  10. When people refuse to vote for “the lesser of two evils,” I always remind them that not voting for the lesser of two evils means a vote for the GREATER of two evils goes unchallenged. We live in a fallen world (and we’re part of its fallen-ness), so we can’t wait for things to be perfect to do something. (Besides, if things were perfect, we wouldn’t have to do anything.)

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