A Real-Life Murder Mystery – with a Twist

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My Featured Blogger this week is Thomas Bonich of Common Sense Tom. Tom’s overall theme is right there in his title. But more specifically, his stated goal is to “champion critical thinking, human dignity, equality, levelheadedness, even-handed, liberty-based governance and solid environmental stewardship.” No small task! But what grabbed my attention this week was this intriguing real-life murder mystery with a twist. Read on and see why!



One spring morning, many decades ago, my Mom had handed me an edition of our local newspaper neatly folded to “frame” an obituary. She’d been wondering if the deceased had been a college buddy of mine.

The deceased’s name certainly was common enough so it could’ve been someone else… but… as I began to read, I could sense my eyes widening and jaw dropping. As surreal as this all was, the in-print particulars had left no “i” undotted; no “t” uncrossed.

Indeed, this was the same guy… we had been enrolled in the same broadcasting courses, worked together in the recording studio and eventually earned our degrees. And now… there I was reading the two paragraph final chapter to his all too short life. Short story even shorter… while my 27-year-young photographer friend was on a photo shoot assignment up in Canada, he had suffered a fatal heart attack.

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11 Responses to A Real-Life Murder Mystery – with a Twist

  1. Mya says:

    That’s just crazy, to say the least..

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  2. Great story and Tom tells it well, Thanks, Mitch

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  3. ejstoo says:

    The real mess is if the actually was officially labeled dead…apparently, it is a huge hassle to get the paperwork issued to be labled live…it does, however offer the opportunity to join the French Foreign Legion and adopt and alias. 😉

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  4. Thank you, ejstoo, for raising my / our awareness, via your learned comment and informative linked article.

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