45 Fun Halloween Weekend Movies!

Whether you’re a Halloween fan or not, chances are–if you’re like me–you enjoy a good thriller, alien invasion tale, maybe a zombie or vampire flick here and there, and even the occasional iconic monster movie — if it’s clever, thoughtful or funny, and light on the gore and violence. So here (below) are some suggestions (note: many are family-friendly, but not all–read the captions!). And I’ll admit up front–if you haven’t seen my family-friendly “cult classic comedyNotzilla yet–I’d love it if you got together with friends or fam and enjoyed it this weekend! It’s available at Amazon Prime (you don’t have to be a subscriber), Roku, TubiTV, and many other streaming sources, as well as through most cable and satellite providers (and on DVD via Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, and more). Enjoy!

Click on any image below to enlarge, read caption, or begin slide show.

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46 Responses to 45 Fun Halloween Weekend Movies!

  1. Hey Mitch…I took a peek at Notzilla. Great casting. Great music. Full of suspence and thrills. You should be in Hollywood on the big screen. Are you?

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  2. Now that is a broad collection! Hey, I spotted your name on the Notzilla post but couldn’t zoom enough with these eyes to see what for and then spotted all the other credits haha! 😉

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  3. And don’t forget A Quiet Place. I love that movie for suspense and artistry–very literary! Great post, Mitch! Happy Halloween and God bless!

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  4. OK ..I should watch this tonight THE MAN WITH TWO BRAINS on Netflix.. This would be fun !!!

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  5. mzbaddog says:

    I watched the video.. I will definitely have to check that out this weekend.. we’ll be stuck inside because its going to be a super soggy weekend. thanks!

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  6. Great picks. I would add War of the Worlds. Great to see your name on the Notzilla credits.

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  7. ejstoo says:

    Cool! Saw the trailer for Notzilla….might catch it. I do like the less family friendly ones like Interview with The Vampire, Queen of the Dam*** and Salem’s lot. Have you seen Dark Shadows with Johnny Depp?

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  8. murisopsis says:

    Some of my favorites listed! Shaun of the Dead and Zombieland are excellent but Young Frankenstein has to be my all time favorite… I’ll have to check out the others – some I’ve seen and others I haven’t!

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  9. K.L. Hale says:

    I’m going to watch Notzilla! Yay! I love the selection, Mitch. Recently I watched the series, “Dracula” on Netflix (2020). I’m a movie person so rarely do I watch series (except The Walton’s, Little House, Andy Griffith, and the Carol Burnett Show, lol). It was very well done; beautiful cinemotography and plot twists. I’ll watch Sleepy Hollow too! I hope you both have a hauntingly happy Halloween!

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  10. Beetle Juice, that’s as far as it gets. 🙂

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  11. boblorentson says:

    Great collection flicks. Will definitely have to check out Notzilla.

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  12. I would add “Mars Attacks!” 🙂

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  13. Nancy Ruegg says:

    Fellow Mitch followers: I vote for Notzilla! You won’t find a cuter monster, and you’ll be able to sleep just fine after this flick. (Plus it’s fun to watch for Mitch’s and his wife’s cameo appearances here and there throughout the film!)

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  14. Not knowing the full extent of your film creds, Mitch, maybe I had better not badmouth “Plan 9”. Anyway, congrats re your being Notzilla’s producer, director, writer and cameo actor. Re your film gallery, Forbidden, Blob and Day the Earth Stood Still are my faves. Re Day, have you ever considered how, by telling Helen how to “calm” Gort, Klaatu crippled his entire robotic police force; i.e., unless he eventually changed their “safeword”?

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Interesting thought, Tom. I always saw it as an act of trust, his recognition that at least some humans could be trusted.

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      • Hmm, trust you say? Considering the disturbing shift of mores (from 1951 to 2021), were Day’s screenplay written today, its author would likely portray Helen as mean-spirited, power-hungry, opportunistic and tech savvy. So much so, she’d use / abuse her knowledge of that “Klaatu barada nikto” command to hack into Gort’s OS and order him to attack Klaatu. At that juncture, she’d commandeer his flying saucer and stage a coup to overthrow all earthbound and interstellar governments.

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  15. E.T. is an excellent choice and Harry Potter is also a good one for those family nights. Great list all around Mitch, thanks for sharing!

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  17. Ann Coleman says:

    You left out my favorite: “Young Frankenstein!”

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  18. SelmaMartin says:

    Gosh. Nostalgia. Thanks for sharing M. ♥️

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  19. Nice selection😊🙏

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