Have You Ever Felt That Feeling?

CaptureMy Featured Blogger this week is Jo of Josephine Wilkinson, Fantasy Author. Jo’s training in art, linguistics, sailing, and work with the handicapped, as well as her extensive experiences as a world traveler, all factor into the richness of her writing. Visit her site and you’ll see!

Josephine Wilkinson

I last wrote of my trip to confirm if I should embark on a new adventure, a move to the sea with a friend who needs support. I was left in no doubt.

It was more of a rebirth, one might say. I shed unconscious “years” from mind and body. My “cage” had been so warm, and secure, imprisoning me in comfort, but as I reached the sea and the sky beckoned, I knew. I felt it. The treasures I would behind, security, comfort, even loved ones, could not compare with the reckless freedom of the sky. Released from a cage I had not perceived, I spread my wings to the wind and remembered I could “fly”.

There was no longer doubt about this new venture. While my cage keeps me safe from the many dangers without, it also imprisons me. Safeguards had become bars and, like a wild beast…

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2 Responses to Have You Ever Felt That Feeling?

  1. ejstoo says:

    The intersting thoguht is would they have been able to find a way to soar while still in the cage. Some people learn art and writing while in jail and find a freedom there that they didn’t expect. So, there is always a different viewpoint. Neat article.

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