The Logic of Dreams


Thought for the Week

There’s a sort of “dream logic” by which most people live their lives, an unchallenged belief in what will be, even while living solely for what is, or rather for what seems to be. For what we can see, science tells us, is only a construct, an interpretation of what actually is. And yet we go on, living in Plato’s Cave, mistaking shadows for reality and living for those shadows. I had a dream that left me wondering, “Is my waking life any more real than my dreams?” Unable to express so insensible a thought in “sensible” language, I express it here in free verse:

I dreamed I’d flown to London.

I was about to call my wife to tell her,

“Honey, we’ve landed safely,”

when the alarm went off.

My first thought was,

I’ll leave her a message,

but there was no time.

So I said as I opened my eyes

there in bed beside my wife,

“Darling, I’m in London.”

When you’re stuck between Death and Life,

the upside down logic of Neverwas

makes preposterous sense.

We live in a middling place, you and I,

in the land of Neverwas,

between Death and Life;

between dreaming and waking,

believing in the land of Evermore

(even if we say we don’t),

yet living as though Neverwas was Evermore.

So we plan our present while we drop,

ignoring the Ocean in which we’re about to plop.

Neverwas is crowded and cruel,

speckled with motes of Beauty.

Yet we resolutely believe

those motes are all there is.

And so we fight to own them,

to control them,

even as they vanish.

For the motes are only flecks

of a limitless Beauty

that belongs to Someone else.

Soon now

we will splash down into that infinite Ocean

and suddenly find ourselves

on the shores of Evermore,

and if we have lived only by dream logic

we will not know how to walk inland

to Reality.

Nor will we even want to.

Our hearts will stay bound to Neverwas.

And all that will remain of us will be

the sense of Death,

the thing upon which we fed.

And it will be too late to learn

the sense of Life.


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23 Responses to The Logic of Dreams

  1. ejstoo says:

    As Shakespeare put it, ““ He takes false shadows for true substances. ”
    Titus Andronicus (1594). Interesting … Reality what a concept!, as Robin Williams so eloquently put it.

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  2. For some reason last night I dreamed I was cleaning shelves with Clorox wipes. I didn’t mention it this morning.

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  3. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 “Senses” ARE Designed to Detect “Reality” EveryOne and Extend to 6+ “Senses”; ergo, if it can be “sensed” it’s as “real” as YOU!!! ARE, for example Many Religious Folk Accept, WithOut Question, that Their Prophets and Other Leaders Experience Visions and Visionary “Dreams” EveryBody



  4. murisopsis says:

    Quoth the Raven “Nevermore.” – Poe’s poem seems to point to this same conclusion…

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  5. Thanks Mitch, “Makes a lot of dreamsense instead of nonsense!”

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  6. Gina Cash says:

    Beautifully profound, Mitch. Well done!

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  7. boblorentson says:

    What was it Poe said? Something like, All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream.
    I like your poetic take on dreams vs reality.
    You might like my latest blog post, Give Your Mind the Dream Vacation it Deserves.

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  8. Gary Fultz says:

    So true Mitch, and really good. I’ll admit to needing coffee before rereading it though. Solomon would have agreed whole heartedly.

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  9. Great post. We have to live each day fully. It is all we have.

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  10. appamprawns says:

    Your poem is so rooted in the real and yet gives that sweet feeling of the unknown – interesting read !

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  11. appamprawns says:

    Am sharing a short poem I had on a dreams and reality. Hope you like it

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