Waterfalls and Wine

We’re back! Combining research for an in-the-works memoir and location scouting for a potential future film, my wife and I hit the road for upstate New York last week–and we encountered waterfalls and wine at every turn! First, we travelled to the village of Westfield, heart of the oldest (and still second largest) wine producing region in the U.S. It’s also where my great-great grandparents immigrated to nearly two hundred years ago. We then visited breathtaking Niagara Falls, America’s oldest national park, and briefly Buffalo, before going on to beautiful Seneca Lake (also known for its vineyards), and finally down to Watkins Glen, where my great grandparents lived, at the base of Seneca Lake. We visited one final waterfall in the Cuyahoga Valley on our way home.

Click on any image to enlarge it, to read caption, or to begin slide show.

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  1. Debi Walter says:

    Gorgeous! We were just at Cayuga Lake for a week. It was the most relaxing time away weโ€™ve ever had. I hope you tried Beef on a Weck! Two Goats Brewery on Seneca Lake had the best. My husband was born and raised in that area. Did you find a good location for your film?

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  2. Judging from the photos, it must have been a lovely trip!

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  3. Beautiful! My wife is from upstate NY, near Little Falls. We enjoyed looking at your photos together. The water is so clear upstate! It looks like you could take a drink of it without suffering any ill effects. Some of the regional wine would be a safer bet, though.๐Ÿ™‚

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  4. Beautiful photos, Mitch. I have always thought upstate New York was beautiful and you certainly captured that feeling.

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  5. Went to Cuyahoga State park for my Dad’s 90th birthday. Now, after seeing your pictures, I have to go back! BTW, Trudy is beautiful!

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  6. ejstoo says:

    Lovely! Got married in Niagara Falls and lived there for a time. Beautiful area!

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  7. rwfrohlich says:

    Thanks for reminding how beautiful is upstate New York.

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  8. Dora says:

    Stunning shots! Are you in film by any chance? You should think about it. You’ve got a good eye for perspective. ;>)

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  9. Mary Sweeney says:

    Beautiful pictures, Mitch!

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  10. Jon says:

    Those yellowjackets look like trouble!

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  11. Ron Bouchard says:

    Hi Mitch, you are in my neck of the woods! If I had known we would have had you over for supper! We live in such a beautiful region. Many from out of state have no idea how lovely it is here. I met an old farmer in North Carloina. He’d never been out of his county. He asked where I lived and I told him New York. He said: ” Now why would anyone want to live in a city like that?”
    I said: ” I don’t live in a city, the county where I live ( Wyoming County) has more cows than people.”
    He looked at me askance and said, with great disapproval that I would lie to him: “There ain’t no cows in New York!”
    True story,
    Blessings, Ron

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  12. stolzyblog says:

    nice place this time of year

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  13. Welcome home Mitch! Considering your postโ€™s spectacular views, in addition to your upcoming memoirs, why not publish a coffee-table book featuring your photography?

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  14. Two great things that go great together. And, now three that this post is here.

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  15. Re-Farmer says:

    Oh, those waterfalls!! Gorgeous!

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  16. kerbey says:

    We’ve never been that far north. So lovely!

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  17. I don’t think I have ever seen a cow walking in a parade before (not even in the Posen MI Potato Festival Parade, and Posen has plenty of cows around)! thanks for the chuckle.

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  18. murisopsis says:

    Great photos – they really capture the charm of the area!

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  19. Beautiful adventures.

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  20. Many thanx for sharing these pics with us, Mitch.

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  21. Thanks for the great memories. I lived in Syracuse NY for 20 years. Loved the area, at the time, but actually do not miss it now.


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  22. VM says:

    Nice place and beautiful pics

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  25. jryb29 says:

    These beautiful water bodies are delightful ๐Ÿ’™

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  26. I’m not a wine fan, but I’m a huge waterfall fan. Actually, when I’m hiking, I’ll take any kind of flowing water–the roar of a waterfall, the soothing gurgle of a stream, or anything in between. Love your pics!

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  27. gregoryjoel says:

    It looks like an awesome trip. It’s cool to be reconnected with “where we’re from”.

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  28. revruss1220 says:

    Beautiful pics. And well taken!

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  29. Waterfalls and wine. Can’t imagine a better combination! Beautiful photos Mitch.

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  30. Americaoncoffee says:


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  31. Linda Raha says:

    Wow! Awesome photographs! It sounds like a wonderful trip!

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  33. Dad’s old Farmall (F-20) also carried a sickle mower. It powered the elevator that carried “square” bales of hay to the mow where young girls were at the ready to pull them off and way from the opening. (Not strong enough to stack them, but we were useful when high school boys were hard to come by.)

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