The Fool’s Odyssey Collection


Dear blogger friends, and normal people, I’m up to my creative eyeballs with a new in-development film project, as well as doing background research for my in-progress Memoirs. So I’m on a weeklong blogging hiatus, of sorts. Meanwhile, may I suggest you visit my literary memoir:

Fool’s Odyssey


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9 Responses to The Fool’s Odyssey Collection

  1. ejstoo says:

    Hope project is progressing well!

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  2. joyroses13 says:

    Good luck! And LOL at differing between bloggers and normal people! 😄

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  3. Mega-Congrats Mitch! Ever since our virtual paths crossed five years ago, I sensed you to be a virtuoso at whatever endeavor you’ve chosen to pursue. Your post, today, only confirms my hunch. I mean, how much fuller can a guy’s life get, when background research is required to complete his autobiography; when a five-dollar word, such as memoir, is needed to best describe his literary work. Best of luck in all your creative projects, and (re your post’s lead in), since I’m far from being a normal being (ha ha), I’ll simply sign this comment, Your Blogger Friend.

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