Are You a Failure?

Rinum's Blog

RinumMy Featured Blogger this week is Rinum, a woman who moved as a child from a rural village in Pakistan to booming New York. Her poems and memoir-tinged posts capture the thoughts and feelings of someone who has lived in two different worlds. “Come take a glimpse into my life,” she writes. I’m glad I have!

Rinum's blog

Maybe I am stubborn
that’s why I keep rising
every time I fall.

You become a failure when you give up, not when you’re defeated. You fail when you don’t put in the effort to change or to make a difference. Trying, no matter what the circumstances are, is what makes you victorious.

Did you know Einstein’s father thought of him as a failure? Even Einstein thought of himself as a failure. He wanted to drop out, but he pushed through. After he graduated, he was so confused that he took a job as a salesman, going door to door to sell insurance. Keep in mind this was the same man that came up with the general theory of relativity. The same man who gave birth to the concept of quantum mechanics.

We all have doubts. We all have those moments where we don’t choose a road, instead we just…

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6 Responses to Are You a Failure?

  1. Thank you for introducing Rinum’s blog, Mitch! Very interesting and also empowering. Have a nice rest of the week! xx Michael

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  2. revruss1220 says:

    Good stuff once again, Mitch. This is a hard lesson to apply, but well worth the effort. Thank you for introducing us to Rinum.

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  3. Wonderful–thank you for sharing!!

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