Animals: What’s Not to Love?

I’m on record as a card-carrying animal-lover. But, I mean, what’s not love? Enjoy your weekend!

Click on any image to enlarge it, to read caption, or to begin slide show.

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44 Responses to Animals: What’s Not to Love?

  1. Excellent collection. I’m familiar with 3-4 images. The one in which snake is opening his/her mouth was awarded as best forest image or similar to that.

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  2. Thanks for the Ahh’s and giggles early in the morning!

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  3. Thank you for the smile, Mitch! Have a beautiful weekend as well. xx Michael

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  4. Ashley says:

    What a hoot, and not an owl in sight! Thanks for these. I’ll be laughing all weekend! Have a great one! 🙋‍♂️

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  5. GP says:

    These are outstanding! The pictures are great, but together with the captions, they had me on the floor!!🤣

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  6. 😁 thank you for making me smile from ear to ear! Love to the silly and sweet animals!

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  7. Wow these couples make me smile ..They look so happy together . The baby bear is happy itching his back .

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  8. Nancy Ruegg says:

    You found the original Angry Bird! But my favorite is the opera-singer kangaroo, or maybe the walrus in the boat. Oh wait a minute . . . I forgot about the pigeon with his broken GPS! It’s a three-way tie!

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  9. Great pictures. I think I have an official “I’m and animal lover” card in my wallet. Let me check … oh, sorry, it’s an official, “crazy cat person” certification. Not sure how that happened, I only have three cats.

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  10. Hetty Eliot says:

    Amazing pictures. I just hope and 🙏 they were taken humanely.

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  11. Lisa Beth says:

    Just fabulous, had to enlarge each one and savor the details. Thank you for uplifting my morning with such innocent beauty – What’s not to love! ❤ 😃

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  12. Ann Coleman says:

    I didn’t get this one in my email either. I had tried follow your blog again through word press, but I guess that’s not working. (I found this in my reader) So I just filled in my email on this post and we’ll see if that works. Yet another reason why I know technology isn’t infallible…..

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    • mitchteemley says:

      So WordPress allowed you to follow my blog, but not by email, right, Ann (i.e. shows up in your Reader as from someone you follow)? Does it show up in your Notifications (pull-down bell menu)?

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      • Ann Coleman says:

        I just checked, and no, it didn’t show up. Your comment did, but not the fact that I followed your blog. I followed it the first time by simply clicking on the little “follow” button that pops up on the right-hand bottom part of the screen, and then in my reader I hit “manage” and turned on “email me with new posts” and selected “daily.” (I did get an email confirmation that I was following you, too.) That’s how I follow all the blogs that I read regularly, I just have the new posts emailed to me so I don’t have to check through my reader.
        But since I didn’t see your new post in my email this morning, I just filled in the email address in the upper right-hand part of your blog. I also got the “email me with new posts” choice, and once again picked daily. I guess I’ll find out tomorrow morning if it worked. But this shouldn’t be so hard. (BTW, I checked and your posts do show up in my reader. They had just stopped showing up in my email inbox, which is weird.)

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      • mitchteemley says:

        Thanks for the update, Ann. I have no idea why this happened, and doubt I can do anything about it, but good to know. I so appreciate your friendship and support.


  13. Ron Bouchard says:

    The fullness cats are a bit hard to swallow, but their growing on me!😉

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  14. Ron Bouchard says:

    Sorry, typo above: The hairless cats are a bit hard to swallow, but they are growing on me!😉
    From another card carrying animal lover!

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  15. Ron Bouchard says:

    Sorry Mitch, it was one of those Auto-correct typos. ‘fullness’ was actually ‘hairless’☺

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  16. Ron Bouchard says:

    Wow! Crazy. My son raised ‘fancy’ rats. They were very loving and cuddly. I’m glad they had hair though!😁

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  17. leendadll says:

    Oh, no fair… I have a bunch of the same pics stored for an eventual post!! I particularly love the religious cat!!

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  18. kerbey says:

    That donkey, though.

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  20. gpavants says:


    You always have great pics. These made me smile.

    Thank you,


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  21. mzbaddog says:

    oh my goodness.. some of those pics are so cute.. love the very first one of the guinea pig and dog! haha

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  22. Lily Harbin says:

    I love your pictures!! I laughed at the white cat that was mad about eating vegetables!! By the way great photography

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  23. Kelly Curtis says:

    Very nice Mitch! I’m also an animal lover, especially Dogs. I think I may have been a dog in a previous life. God bless.

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  24. Loner Soul says:

    Lovely pictures of cute animals. Animal Spirits always attract the pure souls. ❤

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