Unarmed Hungers 

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blogportraitcroppedMy Featured Blogger this week is Sheila of Hidden Treasure. This “retired librarian and emeriti” (look it up) from Western Michigan University is a mother and grandmother who loves “digging for treasure in the Word.” Good news: As evidenced below, Sheila finds it…

And she shares it with us!

Wrestling Word

This is the place
where unnamed hungers
are fed, the place
of clear water,

A fellow blogger, Deep calls to deep, recently posted a poem, a redux of, or leading back to, the 23rd Psalm (full poem below). As I read the portion above, instead of “unnamed hungers,” at first I saw “unarmed hungers.” I started to laugh at myself, but then I thought, no, our hungers often are armed and need to be disarmed.

Even unnamed hungers can be armed. They may be unnamed because they are unconscious or subconscious. Pushed down, walled off. We may not know what is fully going on down there, sometimes screaming for relief, sometimes huddled in a ball. Only God knows our hearts. But there is sure to be included unnamed hungers for love, acceptance, respect, recognition, approval, belonging, family. A hunger to be known. To be heard.

Naming our…

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7 Responses to Unarmed Hungers 

  1. I first read unarmed hungers as well and thought, “Yes, if we could disarm our hungers and bring them out into the open in a peaceful way, the world would be better off.”

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  2. numrhood says:

    i can choose a verse from a Psalm i am going to mention

    since they mention 23rd

    does psalms has a 48th


  3. radiostudy says:

    Wonderful, Mitch. I needed that! Blessings, Anne

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