The Wishing Map is Coming!

Concept art created for the Walt Disney series.


Seven years ago, when my blog site was new, I published a complete fantasy novel The Wishing Map here online at The Power of Story. It was received with great enthusiasm and topped views on my site that first year. However, I had only a fraction of the followers then that I have now.  So I’ve decided to post the entire epic again!

I’ll publish new installments each Saturday. Since it’s a full-length novel, this will run for a long time, so anyone who gets impatient will be welcome to jump to the original 2014 posts and read the entire novel straight through from there.

What’s The Wishing Map? It’s volume one of an epic fantasy series that I developed for Walt Disney television animation some years back. They labelled it “a modern Chronicles of Narnia.” Although, in style it’s more J.K. Rowling than C.S. Lewis–and more M.R. Teemley than either. It does, nevertheless, contain allegorical elements similar to those in Chronicles.

When Disney put The Wishing Map on hold due to budget (too expensive for a TV series), I novelized it, and received a three-book offer from a large but mostly-non-fiction publisher. Their newly-launched fiction division was flagging at the time, so I decided to wait.

But you don’t have to! It’ll be here just in time for the fall season. Should I offer a “pumpkin-spice edition”?

To read the Preface to The Wishing Map, click here.

Wishing Title (framed)

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