Faces, Faces Everywhere!

Is anything more human than to see shapes, especially faces, in nature, in everyday objects, in shadows? They fascinate us, amuse us, and occasionally scare us. Why? Because, well, we’re human.

Click on any image to enlarge it, to read my caption, or to begin slide show.

About mitchteemley

Writer, Filmmaker, Humorist, Thinker-about-stuffer
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23 Responses to Faces, Faces Everywhere!

  1. We have a very funny environment. Lol Thank you for the laughter, Mitch! Have a beautiful weekend! xx Michael

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  2. The captions! Oh, curmudgeonly peanut butter.

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  3. I don’t think that curmudeonly peanut butter would go down to well . . .

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  4. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    I love all of these, the apple is fantastic!

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  5. Hetty Eliot says:

    Some of these are just downright unnerving

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  6. Michele Lee says:

    Loving carrots and angry backpack. Funny stuff!!

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  7. SelmaMartin says:

    Magnificent indeed. Both you and your camera eye. Amazing. Thanks for sharing.

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  8. When I woke up this morning, my alarm clock looked something like that one. Then I turned the lights on and it went back to normal.

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  9. The nut Chewbacca cracked (pun sort of intended haha) me up. Thanks for the laugh!

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  10. TEP336 says:

    That mop looks very disappointed and disapproving. 😂

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  11. revruss1220 says:

    Very cool. Especially the Shadow Art pieces. Wow! What a mind!

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  12. The cat house is the cutest house :3

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