We Accept the Love…

A New CreationPhoto by Elisabeth Wales

“We accept the love we think we deserve” (Stephen Chbosky). Sadly, we are not only prone to accepting the love we think we deserve, but only the love we think we deserve. And it severely limits us to remaining what we are. Or even less than we are.

But what if we accept the love we don’t deserve?

The love that frees us to become

what we were always meant to be?

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13 Responses to We Accept the Love…

  1. Abe Austin says:

    And even if I genuinely don’t deserve the love God shows me, when I accept it anyway I become nearer to the sort of person who deserves it.

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  2. What blessed freedom!

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  3. 🎶 “ The depth of God’s love reaches down, down, down.
    To where we are, until we’re found, found, found.” 🎶

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  5. numrhood says:

    heard of the song 40 & 15 by jose jose

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  6. revruss1220 says:

    What a great reminder. I thank God that God’s definition of the love I deserve is infinitely greater than mine.

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  7. TEP336 says:

    My wife once told me that we shouldn’t want what we deserve because what we deserve is an eternity in hell. I will gladly take the love that I don’t deserve over what I do deserve any day.

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