Yay, I’m Seven!

Mashhad - photo by Hossein Azarbad (unsplash.com)Photo by Hossein Azarbad

It’s my seventh blogiversary! I had no idea when I started seven years ago:

  • That I’d ever have more than a handful of followers.
  • That I’d develop real and meaningful friendships in the process.
  • How supportive those friends would be of my projects (films, writing, music).

So most of all, I want thank you! Because you’re the reason I’m still here, and the reason this blog site is such a big part of my life!

According to education.com, the parents of a seven-year-old should know these things (comments in italics by me):

  • Cognitive Development: Did you think you had a genius before? (Well, duh!) Watch out, it’s a whole new ballgame! At seven, your child will start using bigger words. (I can scrupulously substantiate that verisimilitude) His writing and talking will improve. (I talk more good all the time!) And he’ll remember more. (That may be true, I just can’t recall) Overall, he’ll be more mature. (“Hah!” ~Mitch’s wife)
  • Emotions: Seven-year-olds become more sophisticated in handling their feelings. (Inner dialogue: “What do you think it is that your executive-self is trying to divulge to your inner-child, Mitchell?”) Seven-year-old boys will cry less than girls and will try to handle suffering by not showing weakness. (I almost never cry. Except when I get, like, a really bad owie)
  • Relationships. At this age, kids typically add more relationships. (You guys!) Girls may form more friendships than boys, but are more fickle about them. (Not true! My girl blogger-friends are true blue! Of course, most of them are older than seven)
  • Morals. They develop a sense of justice and can better understand the balance between fair and unfair. (I get a little help from God on this. OK, like, a lotta help) Boys have more physical impulsiveness at this age (What? I hit my keyboard when I read that!), and try to physically show love to others–it’s up to the parent to draw the line. (Actually, it’s pretty much up to me and my wife nowadays)
  • So, if you have a seven-year-old, consider yourself lucky. (You have me—lucky you!) They’re hungry for learning and life. (Yes!) So find activities (like blogging?) that will cater to their unique nature and they’ll thrive!

It’s up to you and me, friends…

Let’s feed each other!


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91 Responses to Yay, I’m Seven!

  1. Carla says:

    Happy Blogiversary, Mitch.

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  2. For fibromyalgia folks, social media is our “ticket out of the house.” (I’ve even thanked God for it.) I don’t know how long I’ve followed your blog (busy with my own and other writing), but I’ve noticed that I look forward to yours. Blog on!

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  3. Congrats on the seven years. You give your readers a wide range of knowledge that you share with us, Keep up the great work and let us stay for another 7 years. The best to you and yours.

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  4. Michele Lee says:

    Congratulations, Mitch! I enjoy your posts. 🙏🏼

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  5. beth says:

    happy lucky seven to you, Mitch –

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  6. Happy Blogivesary! I started my first blog about 11 years ago and it was so much fun! I also made many blog friends..After a few years, Blogger got hacked and I couldn’t get it back…now about 8 years later I started up another blog. I missed all those nice people out in blogville! Have a great day!

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  7. Happy Blogiversary, Brother! Blog on!

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  8. Sheree says:

    Happy blog anniversary

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  9. I happy to be along for the ride with you on this blogging journey,Mitch. Happy seven years!

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  10. Happy Blogiversary, Mitch!

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  11. radiosarahc says:

    Happy blogaversary! Always enjoy your posts, here’s to the next seven

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  12. rwfrohlich says:

    Congrats! I’m one of your newer readers and I’m not female but I hope you like me anyway. I’m three years old, so I’m pretty much out of control in all aspects of my development.

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  13. Jeff Gemmill says:

    Congratulations on the milestone!

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  14. Congratulations on your 7th year! ^_^

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  15. Rocky says:

    Congratulations on the blogeversary

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  16. Congratulations! Happy Blogeversary

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  17. Webb Blogs says:

    Happy 7 years of blogging !

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  18. Roser says:

    Congratulations! Still a long way to go😊👏

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  19. Abe Austin says:

    Congratulations! What a great milestone to reach!

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  20. pkadams says:

    Happy blog birthday! Seven year olds are so fun. ☺️

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  21. trE says:

    Woot! Woot! Happy Blogiversary, Mitch! This is awesome!

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  22. Perth Girl says:

    Congrats on seven years.

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  23. I hate anniversary stories. I started my blog in March of 2014. I now have an astounding 122 followers. I’m amazed and impressed by your success. I’m also extremely envious. Congratulations, my friend!

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  24. Congratulations from one of your toddler, true-blue female follower/friends, and yes, I’m older than seven. (Dang.)

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  25. You are old! I am only one 😉

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  26. 7 years is an adorable age! Congrats on the milestone! 🎈🥳🎈

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  27. Congratulations on your 7th year anniversary!
    Well done Mitch!

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  28. Congratulations, Mitch! Good to have you here! xx Michael

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  29. Ann Coleman says:

    Congratulations on seven years of blogging. And even more so for producing such a high quality blog. Your posts are always worth reading, and never fail to provide either knowledge, inspiration, entertainment, or some combination of those three. That’s a gift….and one that you share generously with your readers. Thank you!

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  30. Ola G says:

    Congrats and Happy Blogoversary! 🥳

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  31. snowflake.❄️❄️ says:

    Hey Mitch!! Happy blogiversary .🎊🎊

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  32. revruss1220 says:

    Congratulations! and many happy returns on the day.

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  33. I have a 7yo girl. And she is my inspiration for starting my blog. I hope I

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  34. Celebrate 7 years of blogging, too! Sorry, pressed send accidentally.
    Congratulations to you!

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  35. Jennie says:

    And here’s to the next seven years!

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  38. Happy Anniversary! May your heart, grow to see many more years!

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  39. Gurudatt Rao says:

    Happy Blogiversary 🙂

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  40. themeonnblog says:

    Happy Blogiversary!

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