Good-Bye, Sweet Boomer

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CaptureMy Featured Blogger this week is Kit Troyer, a former news reporter and defense attorney, now a blogger and stay-at-home dad. There’s something very compelling about Kit’s writing. Maybe it’s the skills honed as a reporter and defense attorney. Or maybe it’s simply the fact that he’s a gifted communicator who cares deeply about the issues and people (or, in this case animals) he writes about.

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I woke up around 4:30am today to the sight of an owl swooping into the branches above me and taking away a rat, which protested loudly as it departed from the branches and from this life.

It was a shocking development, especially after my recent reappraisal of the rats in my backyard. But it was also fascinating. The owl, huge and gray, vanished as quickly as it arrived. It cleared the lemon tree and the oleander hedges, and flew into the darkness with the squeaking rodent.

I have spent the last 10 weeks sleeping outdoors with my dog Boomer.

People would ask, ‘You’re not in a tent? You’re just out in the open?’

No tent, just a mattress, pillow, and blanket. And Boomer beside me.

How was it?

In a word, glorious. Once Boomer realized that I was in it for the long haul, that I wasn’t sneaking away after…

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10 Responses to Good-Bye, Sweet Boomer

  1. Thanks for sharing this. It was a wonderful if sad read.

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  2. revruss1220 says:

    OMG. I wanted to read this and I didn’t want to read it at all. So sweet. So sad. So deeply poignant. Thank you for sharing this beautiful art, Mitch.

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  3. This was a tear-jerker for me. Our little dog, Hollywood, is into his 16th year. Some days he limps (but doesn’t slow down any) and some days runs around like a puppy. In spite of being deaf and having cataracts in both eyes, he still seems determined to enjoy life, mostly through chasing his food which I toss down the hall one piece at a time, sniffing every inch of our walks. (Not “exercise” by any stretch of the imagination.) and snuggling with his mama. I will always think of him as my puppy, and I will miss him when the time comes. 💔
    (Meanwhile, my daughter’s family has a new labradoodle like this one – one giant stuffed toy! 💕)

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  4. Simplicity is so stress free! Nice share Mitch!

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  5. Tim Harlow says:

    Wow! This was a tough read, but a great one at the same time. I have had to say goodbye to too many furry buddies over the years. Their love is so pure and perfect. When they leave us, it leaves such a huge whole in our hearts. Thanks for putting up this post.

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  6. Scott says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I need to pick up a box of Kleenex tissues the next time I’m at the store. 🙂

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