Learn…and Move On


I’m on location shooting a film this week, so my posts will be short but (hopefully) sweet.

Thought for the Week

If we are wise (and if we are not, no advice will help us) we will learn not to live in the past, but to take lessons from it, and then doggedly return and apply those lessons in the present.

“Even a spineless anthropod sheds what’s no longer useful and leaves it behind them. Are you not greater than they?” ~Jason Versey

“Take care not to welcome today the terrors that will make yesterday’s demons look like angels.” ~Joyce Rachelle

“There’s no going back to erase the past… But if you look closer, you notice the ink never really dries on experiences. They can change their meaning the longer you look at them.” ~John Koenig

“Without experiencing pain from disconcerting periods of our lives, we would be a different person, perhaps a lesser person.” ~Kilroy J. Oldster

“Looking at the past to lament it is useless. Looking at the past to be proud of results is dangerous. Looking at the past to learn from it is wise.” ~Cardinal Văn Thuận

“The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence, a place of learning, not of living.” ~Roy T. Bennett  


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26 Responses to Learn…and Move On

  1. barbara L runck says:

    Words of wisdom !

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  2. Thank you for sharing the motivation, and best wishes for the week, and the work. xx Michael

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  3. Perfect advice and reminder to us all. Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your shoot 😊

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  4. All generations are connected by the choices of the previous generation. – Lee Warren, Higher Grounds: When God Steps into the Here and Now. (Been thinking about this one, so made a meme of it for social media.)

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  5. beth says:

    it’s all about now – perfect

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  7. revruss1220 says:

    Timely and wise advice once again… as usual. Blessings to you on your shoot. What is the name of rhis project, if I may ask?

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  8. I love a wise quote and these are all excellent reminders 🙂

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  9. Sage advice, Mitch. Enjoy the filming. Thanks.

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  10. Domeka says:

    Although the words were few they were powerful thanks for the post

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  11. Koenig and Oldster are going in my journal. Thanks, Mitch!

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  12. You are allowed to go out shooting film now?

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  13. Paula says:

    I thank you today especially for sharing the various quotes. They all give some unique view to the main message. I believe a few valid reason for taking a look at the past are to recognize where we made mistakes or hurt someone, then make amends for our wrongs, and to teach us how to make changes, which is the foundation of repentance.

    However, when we take a look at the past, that’s ALL it should be. I tried having a stare-down with my past. Tried over and over. The past always wins. Blessings to you, Mitch.

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  14. Paula says:

    Another thought. (Sorry, some topics just naturally challenge my thinking.) Even God cannot change our past. But He WILL redeem it.

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  15. gpavants says:


    Like Pumba said, “You have your behind in the past.”



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