To the Far Side and Beyond!

Back at the start of 1980, I stumbled across a new one-panel newspaper comic by a guy named Gary Larson, and immediately knew comics would never be the same. The Far Side’s irony and clever reversals redefined funny for generations to come. Without it there would likely be no Bizarro (Dan Piraro) or Speed Bump (Dave Coverly), or many of our favorite films and television shows. So, in honor of Mr. Larson and his progeny, enjoy these reflections on “the far side” of life.

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29 Responses to To the Far Side and Beyond!

  1. When I posted Far Side cartoons on my blog, I received a sternly-worded reprimand from the copyright holder warning me to take down the cartoons or face legal reprisals. Yet I see the same cartoons on my friends’ blogs all the time. What gives?

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Wow, really? :>( I normally check to make sure the images I post are authorized, but The Far Side comics started popping up all over the internet this year, so I thought they’d been released for noncommercial use.

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  2. Pam Webb says:

    He is a fave due to his penchant for bovine jokes. He recognizes there is something inherently humorous.

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  3. These are great. I sent ‘To Mock A Killingbird’ to my brother, because I knew he would appreciate it.

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  4. I actually recall my first LOL at Larson’s remarkable cleverness, but then I picked up a Calvin and Hobbes book and went totally kablooie. TGFL (For Laughter)!

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  5. TEP336 says:

    The Far Side and Calvin and Hobbes were my absolute favorite comics coming up. I miss the simple humor found in those strips.

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  6. Mike says:

    Classics all!

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  7. sniderjerry says:

    Hey Mitch, When I want a reality check I either look at Far Side cartoons of watch a Muppet Show rerun. Have a great day. Jerry

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  8. Too many good ones to pick a favorite!

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  9. Mel Wild says:

    Loved Far Side! My kids had his books when they were growing up.

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  10. KT Workman says:

    I’ve loved the Far Side since way back when. Did you know he has a web site where he posts his old stuff AND some new material?

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  11. Love The Far Side! Thanks for this post!

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  12. Jennie says:

    I absolutely love The Far Side! Like you, I discovered it in the mid 80’s and have been a huge fan since. Best humor ever. If a car is coming on the road I still look at my husband and say, “Car” with a dry expression. Then we crack up thinking of Gary Larson. Thanks for the post, Mitch.

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  13. We got a Far Side book. Certainly very funny.

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  14. Tim Harlow says:

    These are great! I love the Far Side. I miss them.

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  15. Ann Coleman says:

    I loved his cartoons! Luckily, I have a few books of them.

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  16. c.f. leach says:

    Growing up I always enjoyed the Far Side. Fabulous post my friend….Happy Father’s Day to you! Wishing you many blessings and much peace!

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  17. apenlady says:

    I too like ‘The Far Side’ comic. My youngst and I share a mutual appreication for ‘Calvin and Hobbes.’

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  18. I still have several Far Side books on my shelf–not too far from the C. S. Lewis books.
    Being from Long Island, I had to crack up at the one where the psychologist tells the guy he’s not really the dictator of an Eastern European country. I think most of us Long Islanders like being called “Your Highness.”

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  19. I discovered the Far Side in the mid-1980s and bought what I believe was the second Far Side Off-the-Wall calendar; then I bought it every year for at least two decades. I also eventually bought all five of the Far Side Gallery collections. My son grew up with it, too, and we had many shared laughs over the years!

    My favorite cartoon is where Roy inadvertently causes the annihilation of the Earth by grabbing the leader of the aliens by the head (looks like a hand) and shakes it vigorously.

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