The Second Black Sheep

CaptureMy Featured Blogger this week is Kamina A. Fitzgerald Ed.D. of Schoolspiration. I’ve been following Kamina for some time now, and never fail to gain a fresh perspective from her thoughtful surveys.

Education, culture, society, spiritual life–anything that impacts our lives is fodder for Kamina’s fruitful insights.

Kamina A. Fitzgerald Ed.D.

The school bell has rung, class is now in session.

I would like to talk about the black sheep, but not in the way one may suppose. I want to talk about the other black sheep.

Did you know there are two types of black sheep? The first black sheep is considered to be a rebel, and menace to society. They usually stand out because they like to purposely break the rules.

The second black sheep is the opposite, but treated like the first. This is an issue because the second black sheep is not a bad sheep. The question posed is, “Why would someone purpose in their heart to ostracize and label another individual a black sheep? When does this take place and how is the behavior recognized?”

Why would someone purpose in their heart to ostracize and label another individual a black sheep?

Some of the…

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11 Responses to The Second Black Sheep

  1. Her 6 Questions That Help You Identify Your Calling is especially helpful.

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  2. Yernasia Quorelios says:

    💜 Yup, We “black sheeps” ARE pretty good at guiding white sheep away from The Herd; that’s why We ARE Here


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  3. R. Triste says:

    Hello, Mitch. It’s been a while. Just passing by to check on you. How are you? How have you been doing? Stay safe.

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  4. This describes Jesus – the religious leaders were so jealous of Him they got Him crucified (or thought they did – they didn’t know if was the plan all along. 😉 )

    One of my favorite songs by one of my favorite bands, “NeedToBreathe,” is “The Outsiders.” Listening to it makes me feel privileged to be an outsider, especially the closing lines:
    “On the outside, you’re free to roam.
    On the outside we’ve found a home.
    On the outside there’s more to see.
    On the outside we choose to be.”

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  5. Try this (and don’t turn it off too soon. The best lyrics are at the very end – after you think it’s over.)

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  6. lilyofthevalley777 says:

    My mom told me long ago she would be introduced as the black sheep of the family, and she was the first born of three daughters, born in 1920. I never knew why, except that she was emotionally abused, and sometimes be locked in a closet for disobedience. Now I’m considered the black sheep of my family, simply because I march to a different beat…and that would be the heart beat of my Heavenly Father. That’s ok though, I’m in good company. Thanks for the post Mitch. ❤

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  7. I enjoyed this post, particularly the words of reassurance. I am now following Kamina’s blog. Thank you for the introduction

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