Something Much Better

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20 Responses to Something Much Better

  1. believe4147 says:

    I see why you chose this one. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. jamfayle says:

    Loved it. John has the knack for whimsey! Go John!

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  3. Mitch, thank you for introducing another excellent blog/author.

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  4. gpavants says:


    Thanks for helping others get the word out.

    In Christ,


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  5. This is so sweet. 🙂

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  6. Dad4Gracie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this, Mitch. It’s interesting how quite a few people think my chickens and I live in England based on the way that I write. We actually live in coastal Virginia. But I do watch a lot of British comedies! Thanks again, John

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  7. Intentergy says:

    What a fun blog! Thank you, Mitch for introducing us to John!

    John, nice work! Your posts are fun and uplifting.

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  8. Aww, this is definitely a good one. Thanks!

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  9. anitashope says:

    The simplicity of sharing love for a child shares it stronger to adults.

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  10. AppophiaM says:

    Wow, this was adorably cute. I have recently started hatching chicks, not me of course, the mother hen, and I can relate to them hopping on ones feet. PS. The illustrations are amazing, and cover as well.

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  12. I just love John Spiers and his charming flock!

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  13. Our granddaughter, age 5, is coming for Memorial Day weekend, first time in 3 years! I mentioned to John Spiers that she will be getting copies of three of his dear books. He’s already sent her a note here, charming chicken stickers, and an apricot-hued chicken feather for her!

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