Finishing My Winter Project

R6a708de72bdc1405d04179736f2efd0aI’d always intended to stain and finish the raw pine mirror we bought too long ago to admit (think decades, not years), but somehow I just never got around to it.

Then our little cat Misha (note deceptively innocent-looking beastie in chair) provided the needed motive. She decided our mirror was the perfect scratching post. Et voilà! It was either use it for firewood or sand it down and refinish it. So refinishing the mirror frame became my final winter project. Fortunately, Misha seems to prefer un-finished wood, so we’re hoping (praying) that this new-and-improved version won’t show up on her CPS (Claw Positioning System). During the two months the mirror was absent, she finally started using the actual scratching post, now placed strategically close to “her” chair and lavishly lathered in catnip.

All my winter projects are done, or ignored (same difference, right?). Now it’s on to battling the rainforest of weeds in our front yard. Have you ever noticed how put-off projects tend to become bigger projects? From molehills to mountains. Speaking of which, I really ought to do something about those massive molehills in our back yard. Then again, I could just charge people to ski on them…

Next winter.

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19 Responses to Finishing My Winter Project

  1. Or, you can charge people for a treasure hunt inside molehill tunnels.

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  2. My husband was very happy when our rescue dog disclosed that his mission in life was to kill moles.

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    • Linda Lee/Lady Quixote says:

      How wonderful! We have 3 rescue dogs, all of whom I picked up off the streets: a male poodle pup in 2014, a big mystery mix girl in 2016, and — this past Wednesday — I rescued a very emaciated small female dog off of a 4 lane highway in Santa Rosa.

      Whew… I think 3 fur babies is enough! So far, all our dogs agree that their mission in life is to be let out, then back in, then out, then back in. That, and eating TREATS.

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  3. Everyone should have a project:)

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  4. gregoryjoel says:

    If all my intended projects were complete we would have this amazing house. As it is it’s pretty amazing anyway. The list keeps getting longer. I should not let me wife watch HGTV…

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  5. so molehills can become mountains …

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  6. Kudos on the finish! The mirror looks amazing. If it makes you feel any better, we have been in our house for decades and have claw marks from the previous owner’s beasties on most of our wood doors. We’ve always had the intention of refinishing them, but….

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  7. Funny. I hope Misha doesn’t make a scratching post anymore of your mirror. (CPS was a good one.) 🙂

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  8. Oh, yes!! Those projects DO take on a life of their own when put off. *sigh*.

    That cat has the life, I’m telling ya!

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