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Has Jesus changed your life? That’s the story He calls you to tell. You don’t have to know the Bible inside and out (although knowing it, really knowing it, will transform you), but you do need to tell your story. Because others desperately need to hear simple, real stories of how lives like yours have been changed by encounters with the living God.

“The world is not made of atoms. The world is made of stories.”

~Muriel Ruykeser

Share your story.

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32 Responses to Share Your Story

  1. lorriebowden says:

    Love the message…and agree wholeheartedly!! Hope you are well…stay safe.

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  2. francisashis says:

    Thanks for the blessed post encouraging others to share their stories.I really love your approach,its not only innovative but a great way to praise the Lord. 🌹💗

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  3. As a child growing up in church, I learned about a loving God who forgives my sins and loves me unconditionally. He has proven over and over he can use me just the way I am. He helps me through tough times and turns around and sends someone into my life path that needs similar encouragement. He uses me to love people and speak kindness. We were born with a sinful nature, but learning about God’s love changed my attitude for the better. At times in my adult life, I did things and said things without praying for guidance. God revealed to me I needed him in my life more than ever. Life with God in it daily will keep your glass half full, not half empty.

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  4. I am a Christian. Redeemed.

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  5. I love the Muriel Rukeyser quote.

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  6. Holly says:

    Amen Mitch. I feel like we all need this reminder. Our stories of what God has brought us through really does change lives. I also believe that each of us, with our unique voices and personalities, can reach ones that no one else could. It’s why I believe, like you, that we ALL need to share openly and with confidence. People need to know they’re not alone!

    Our lives can only become increasingly blessed when we give our Lord the honor and glory He deserves! Thank you for encouraging us all with these words!

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  8. Erika says:

    We are open and incomplete storybooks. Chapter by chapter is added. We are developing uniquely and collectively. So, we do need to share our stories. We need to inspire each other. We need to encourage each other with our experiences. We need each other to develop!

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  9. I think that’s the reason many of us are blogging. 😉

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  10. Heidi Viars says:

    This is great, Mitch. Have you heard of Leslie Leyland Fields? She just wrote a book “Your Story Matters” … it came out a year ago. I think you would enjoy it.

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  11. I became friends with God at age nine. Our friendship deepened at age 15. At 32 my life hit the skids, when I lost my career and my marriage in the same year. I intended to jump off a tall bridge. But God intervened and brought me back from the brink. I tell anyone who will listen that He saved me twice.

    Thanks for asking about my story.

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  12. Sandy - ClearReveal says:

    Amen! We are to disciple and bring the word to others so they too can be saved. My husband and I together were born again and have submitted ourselves over to the Lord. Our marriage was in trouble and we both prayed to God for help. He saved us and we are forever changed. I started my blog years after and pursuing my degree in biblical and theological studies. I give all glory to God.

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  13. Great message. Love the Ruykeser quote!

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  14. I did in my three books of memoir that include my testimony in the first book, Look Backward Angel, available on Amazon at:

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  15. jonahyawi says:

    Jesus was a great storyteller with only 12 followers to begin with. Now it has grown up to almost 2.38 billion followers as of 2021. Great message and thanks.

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  16. numrhood says:

    acts 47:40-41 clap n shout o heavens
    song from colby’s clubhouse
    featuring you mitch as professor davidson


  17. Ray Carbone says:

    Thanks for the word, Mitch. BTW, if you think it may be interesting to your audience, I’m working on a new blog that would basically be a plateau for people’s witnesses, i.e., their testimonies of “coming” to faith in Jesus Christ. God bless!

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  18. Ann Coleman says:

    That’s so true, and yet it’s something I still struggle with!

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  19. Helen Okins says:

    Indeed, as he said, comes as you are.

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  20. Priti'sWorld says:

    Wonderfully inked.❤❤ Do read my posts too😇

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