Don’t Let Fear Stop You

Guest Blog by Laleh Chini of A Voice from Iran

Laleh Chini moved from Iran to North America as a teenager, but continued to visit relatives and others there. Along the way, she began collecting folk tales and fables, as well as stories of personal struggles in modern Iran (beginning with her mother, who’d been forced into marriage at age 11). Laleh’s strong moral compass and O. Henry-like twists have won an ever-increasing following. Read on and you’ll see why!

Ali lived in a village. His everyday work was to go to the forest and gather broken branches to sell as firewood. He always tried to get home before dark because he was so afraid of wild animals.

One day when he was in the woods very far from home, the weather suddenly turned dark and stormy. The downpour kept him from seeing correctly, and he became lost. He circled for hours. Suddenly, he saw two shiny eyes staring at him.

He couldn’t see correctly, but he realized it must a stray dog. Ali held a thick branch and got ready to fight the creature if it attacked.

The wild, stray dog did attack. In a tough battle he finally killed it and put its dead body on his shoulder to show his family how brave he was. By the time he found his way to the village it was almost morning. One of his neighbors spotted Ali carrying the beast on his shoulder, and screamed:

“Ali killed a leopard!”

animal-5013600_640When Ali leaned what he’d killed, he fainted. He’d been unable to see in the storm that the “wild dog” was a leopard. Otherwise, he’d have fainted right in front of the beast and easily become its meal!

Problems in life are exactly like that. Start fighting with them, no matter how big they are or how clearly you can see them. And don’t let fear stop you.

You are more powerful than you think.


You can find Laleh’s Canada Book Award-winning Soroosh on Amazon worldwide.

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6 Responses to Don’t Let Fear Stop You

  1. Interesting story that holds a valuable lesson. Thanks for sharing with us, Mitch!

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  2. I really like that little fable. It packs a powerful message.

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  3. wayocross says:

    Mitch, thank tyou for posting this. Laleh Chini is a fabulous author.

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  5. Thotaramani says:

    Very Inspiring Post! That’s true with life

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