Pre-Valentine’s Day Notes to Self

R636568d5abf015b33b758763d7787370We’re heading into the snowiest Valentine’s Day weekend ever. But in the meantime, wife still has to go to work. So I man up and get out there in below-freezing temps (Real Feel: minus 80°) and shovel the driveway. It turns out to be a very instructional experience. I come away with 3 valuable Pre-Valentine’s Day Notes to Self:

  1. Candy and cutely suggestive card for wife: 10 sexy-points

  2. Shoveling snow: 20 sexy-points

  3. Griping about it: minus 50 sexy-points

P.S. How do I get back to zero?

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34 Responses to Pre-Valentine’s Day Notes to Self

  1. Keep shoveling, Mitch. ❄️

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  2. Vacuum all the floors in the house – without griping … it’s the only way.

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  3. henhouselady says:

    Good luck on zero. Having a good meal on the table when she gets home might help.

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  4. TEP336 says:

    Have you tried groveling instead of shoveling?

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  5. Gary Fultz says:

    Man I’m tempted to get on the “Dog Pile Mitch” thing. It’s entertaining (though secretly looking for the easiest quickest answer to get from the negative to positive column). Maybe buying her a better snow blower?

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  6. tracykard says:

    Perhaps you should buy your wife her own snow shovel so you can spend more quality time together? Note: I am not a professional husband.

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  7. Clever Girl says:

    Meanwhile, in Southern California…

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  8. BookOfPain says:

    I must be up to 60 points by now for shoveling!

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  9. My husband is very anti-Valentines’s Day (yes, one of those!). But he offered to do the grocery shopping today and asked me to make a list. I added “chocolates” in there and he got some (non-Valentine packaged ones, of course). He gets all the points, even when he’s trying not to 🙂

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  10. Nancy Ruegg says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned flowers–with a sweet, complimentary, appreciative, apologetic note. That should do it!

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  11. LOL. Hope for only a dusting, Mitch. Happy Valentine’s Day.

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  12. Have you tried the head-tilt-puppy-dog-eyes-sorry thing?

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  13. Decorate your dog house and pray for forgiveness.

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  14. masercot says:

    Back when I was married, I bought a whole box of those children’s valentine’s cards. I put something different in each card and, on the envelope a different version of her name or nickname. Something to be said for novelty.

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  15. gregoryjoel says:

    I never thought I’d have to shovel snow since I moved back to Texas from Colorado, but it looks like I might this weekend. They don’t even sell snow shovels in Texas! It’s been below freezing all week and the high this weekend is 4 degrees… I’m already complaining about it so I’m starting out with negative sexy points!

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    • mitchteemley says:

      Wow. No snow shovels. Can you find any ice-melt? It’s slower, but gets the job done. I got snowed-in overnight at DFW Airport one time, and later in Oklahoma City. Both were completely unprepared for “real” winter weather (OKC didn’t even have salt, much less snowplows).


  16. Ann Coleman says:

    Yes, the good deeds do get cancelled out if we complain about them! But no worries, fix her a nice dinner after she gets home from work and you’ll be just fine!

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