Of WandaVision and More

CaptureMy Featured Blogger this week is Beaton of Becoming the Muse. Beaton, who lives in South Africa, is a man after my own heart, i.e. with broadly varied interests and topics. In fact, his only prevailing theme seems to be life in the modern world: media, books, social issues, anything that’s worth talking about. In this case, he enthuses over the satirical and wildly imaginative new Marvel television series “WandaVision” (I’m a fan too), while uncovering its sources of inspiration.

Beaton offers this self-description:

“I am not the words I write,
nor the thoughts I share,
but with each letter
I become ME”

Join him in the journey!

Becoming The Muse

We have passed the halfway mark for WandaVision for those who were waiting until the were at least five episodes so they binge-watch. In the meantime, I am counting the hours till the next episode to see what tropes and twists Marvel brings…

Though I will try not to drop any spoilers that can ruin your viewing experience, I suggest you stop reading and watch Wandavision and in the meantime here is a non-context spoiler from the series… adieu.

I have absolutely loved the first five episodes of WandaVision and once again I must say the range that Paul Bettany as Vision and Elizabeth Olsen as Wanda have been exhibiting is a refreshing break from their normally serious and deadly visages. Not to mention that after their romance off camera, watching them playhouse has been cute.

Sitcoms Of WandaVision

You obviously are aware of how the plot has been unfolding…

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7 Responses to Of WandaVision and More

  1. Meowscha says:

    I started watching this series with my boyfriend and had a hard time understanding it. After watching additional Marvel movies with Wanda and Vision, I understand them now. I can’t wait for more to come out!!

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  2. Beaton says:

    Oh wow thank you Mitch!!! I’m honoured at being this week’s featured blogger.
    I should write down that description you used to capture my blog in a mouthful of English because well as you can tell, when someone asks me what I write about, I usually laugh and say what dont I write about…
    Thanks again Mitch

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  3. Silent Lover says:

    Saw 1 & 2, not sure what’s going on but haven’t done 3 & 4 yet so will come back to the reviews after.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. annewiin says:

    Dont miss the chance of having this beloved Marvel Studios collection: https://thewiin.com/product/marvel-studios-23-movie-collection/

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