Peru: Rhythm of the Amazon

Presentation1My Featured Blogger this week is Randall Collis of Global Sojourns Photography. Randall, a businessman and resident of Hong Kong, has expanded into freelance writing and photography. He travels internationally, capturing some of the most intriguing and exquisite images I’ve seen anywhere. He posts these photos on his blog site, along with his thoughts on life and philosophy. Visit and you’ll see why Randall has captured not only images, but followers, as well.

Global Sojourns Photography

Perú - Rhythm of the Amazon -1

Every morning the Amazon wakes me with a new symphony. One day the tempo of the rain, next day the pulsating sounds of howler monkeys, and today it’s the electric strain of sunrise matching the beat of my heart.

Even with little sleep, the rhythm of the day has me fired up with what lies ahead. Granted, a cup of coffee would help the process but the Amazon found a solution to this as well by placing a large spider and her web inside my bed netting to jolt me awake.

Perú - Rhythm of the Amazon -2

Hiking along the riverbank, I can’t get over how natural this place feels. The jungle and river give off energy – a rhythm – in tune with every movement of my body. I feel transformed, in sync with my surroundings.

All this beauty is not just seen through my eyes, but felt with all my senses. I’ve found my…

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  1. Very cool! Beautiful photos! I followed his blog. God bless!

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  2. ngeerachris says:


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  3. Brings back memories of our time in the Amazon.

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