Gifts of Love and Laughter

Both of my multi-award-winning feature films Healing River and Notzilla are out on DVD.* They’re perfect for stocking stuffers or small gifts. And if you order right away, you should get them just in time for Christmas!

Poster detail 2Healing River, a story about “forgiving the impossible” in the wake of tragedy, is Amazon Prime’s top-rated inspirational movie of 2020!

From the reviews: “Perfect family viewing–a deep and powerful movie about grief, rebellion, forgiveness and healing (for teens and up).” “A fantastic debut for writer/director Mitch Teemley” (thank you!) with “great cinematography.” “I wasn’t expecting to get emotional because I rarely do, but my tears were flowing at the end.” “Engaging and poignant, it tackles one of the deepest, most powerful tenets of faith, and does it incredibly well.” “A must-see movie!”

Notzilla - Header PosterNotzilla, a family-friendly monster movie comedy compared by many to Airplane, may just be the silliest movie you’ll see this year–and for a long time to come!

MovieWeb says, “it’s a hilarious send-up of classic monster movies (that) has won best comedy awards at multiple film festivals. Audiences can’t get enough. And who can blame them? It’s 2020 and we need all the laughs we can get. Notzilla looks like it could be a cult classic!”

*Where to buy: Healing River and Notzilla DVDs are available at Amazon, Walmart, Best Buy, Move Zyng, and other DVD retailers online.

Or you can stream or download them (at Amazon Prime [you don’t have to be a member], Vimeo on Demand, Google Play, YouTube Movies, or Tubi TV–with commercials) and watch them together during the holidays! If you do, just as the movie is starting, you can casually say, “Btw, I’m personal friends with the guy who wrote and directed this.”

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11 Responses to Gifts of Love and Laughter

  1. Linda Lee/Lady Quixote says:

    I LOVE Healing River. I have Notzilla on DVD, too. Haven’t watched it yet, but if it’s just half as good as Healing River, it will be AWESOME. 😀

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  2. Okay, off to Amazon to buy a couple of dozen …

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  3. I’ll be all over those on Prime. Always seeking good entertainment, especially as we are receiving a snowstorm!

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  4. Awesome! Looking forward to buying them both! As you may remember, my Mom has seen “Healing River” and she loved it. God bless!

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  5. Pam Webb says:

    Just watched the 2014 Godzilla last night. I’m sure your version is much better.

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