Life in Death


“And now brothers, I will ask you a terrible question, and God knows I ask it also of myself. Is the truth beyond all truths, beyond the stars, just this: that to live without him is the real death, that to die with him the only life?” ~Frederick Buechner

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16 Responses to Life in Death

  1. There is enormous evidience for the resurrection in the brilliant, NT Wright’s 900 + page book. History turned on that precious event. To believe that Christ died for our sins and rose on the
    third day is the mark of a Christian. It is the core of our lives as believers. Hallelujah!

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  2. When placed against the backdrop of eternity, the Apostle Paul and Fredrick Buechner make perfect sense.
    It sounds like lunacy to the world, but God’s truth often does.

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  3. simplywendi says:

    wow! what a very powerful and thought provoking quote!

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  4. Yes! Great reminder ❤

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  5. People often wonder why I’m always smiling. They think it’s because I have this ‘sunny’ personality (which I do 😉 but it is because I believe, in something so much bigger than me. Jesus. God. Allah. Grace. Whatever you may call it. I call it believing in something so much bigger than me. Thank you for continuing to name it, in the most beautiful of ways. This quote is everything. Have a wonderful Sunday my friend! Andrea

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  6. Yes, mist definitely 🙏

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  7. wayocross says:

    I remember being in a liberal church and hearing more than once that Jesus wasn’t resurrected. It was just His legacy that carried forward. Was unable to get people I was teaching to believe in a literal resurrection or in Jesus’ atoning death. There is no power in non-Biblical beliefs.

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  8. My life was a train wreck, until I made the decision to believe in Jesus as my Savior and my Lord. ❤

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  9. numrhood says:

    do i see you included 3:11
    as of 3:13 you can do all
    through crist

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  11. That is a powerful scripture. I always thought you had one ticket to play the game…of life!
    And we’re all on different skill levels too!

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  12. feistyfroggy says:

    This topic has been in my devotions all week.

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