“The pessimist complains about the wind. The optimist expects it to change. The realist adjusts the sails.” ~William Arthur Ward

Stormy Sea at Night, 1849, by Ivan Aivazovsky (Pavlovsk Palace, Saint Petersburg)Stormy Sea at Night, 1849, by Ivan Aivazovsky (Pavlovsk Palace, Saint Petersburg)

Thought for the Week

Some years the world barely seems to change. Other years it changes so much we hardly recognize it as the world we once knew. Because it isn’t. And it never was. Like the sea, it was always changing. It was always becoming what it is. And so were we, even during those years we seemed not be changing. Sometimes change is invisible, bubbling beneath the surface where we can’t see it. Nevertheless, it’s always there, always happening. And we can’t stop it any more than we can stop time.

But change isn’t good or bad. It’s just a resource. Like clay. And like clay, it can be shaped into something ugly or beautiful. So our job isn’t to stop change, it’s to shape it into something useful, something better.

Something beautiful.

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28 Responses to Change

  1. Beautiful post for a topic of beauty.

    As fuel in the tank for transformation having just as fluid a fluency and presence in life as breath, I look to Alan Watts saying, “We have no responsibility whatsoever to be the person we were 5 minutes ago.” Of course not to null commitments/contracts/responsibilities we have and have made. It’s simply our mode of being, how we connect with Self and community is ever-evolving.

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  2. Betul Erbasi says:

    Good analogy! It is very true!

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  3. ewhyard says:

    This is beautiful and speaks to me strongly right now.

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  4. I love that quote.
    Sometimes I feel like I have no control over the wind OR the sails. All I can do is hang onto the Pilot like crazy. 😉

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  5. Right on, Mitch. I recently realized anew just how much energy I’m wasting wishing things weren’t the way they are. It is what it IS! Adapt.

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  6. I’ve always loved that saying and do my best to keep my sails adjusted.

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  7. says:

    I love this post. It really is up to us to make things come into shape.

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  8. klongdragon says:

    That quote is what manifesting life is about. Thank you!

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  9. “It is always becoming what it is.” Love that.

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  10. carolannec says:

    Hmmm… Thought provoking post.
    Reminds me of that Chinese curse: “may you live in interesting times!”
    2020 certainly qualifies as interesting and, I guess, it is easy to weep down the “If only…” path.
    If the lesson of the holocaust survivors who forgave their tormentors stands for anything, it’s that we are all capable of focusing on the blessings we have rather than imagining what is missing.
    My life has lead me to believe it is the simple things, those things we take for granted, that truly matter.
    My pet phrase is: If you want to see rainbows, get your wellies on and learn to dance in the rain!

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  11. Clever Girl says:

    I don’t know what it is about this particular Monday, but this is the third posting I’ve read that was bittersweet, sad or deeply meaningful. I really like the quote, too.

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  12. Canuck Carl says:

    Great words of encouragement these days Mitch. Yeah we definitely cannot stop change as you mentioned “like we cannot stop time”. Thank you for sharing. 🙏

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  13. Erika says:

    You put this beautifullly, Mitch. We don’t have control over all that happens but we have always control over what we make of it!

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  14. Rocky says:

    My email tag line once was “Adaptable People Last Longer.”

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  15. Very wise words. Thank you.

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  16. revruss1220 says:

    AMEN. I really admire your gift for stating truths succinctly and directly. That way they have more impact. Thanks for today’s gift.

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  19. Short, concise and powerful thought. Thanks!

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  20. Ann Coleman says:

    What a great point, Mitch! May we all learn to adjust our sails with dignity and hope!

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  21. I love the Ward quote. It puts it all into perspective. Thanks for the post.

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  22. That’s amazingly wise. I can totally relate, a few days ago even I was bothered by what change exactly is. So I wrote a poem about it on my blog, Beyond the speaking mind. Please do read and tell me what you think about it🙂

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