Goodbye, Autumn. Hello, Fall.

Why does this season have two names?

Dictionaries devote multiple paragraphs to the answer.

I can do it in two pictures:





Any questions?

Good. Now get back to raking!

For years now, I’ve engaged in a fall ritual I call “blowing and mowing.” I simply use my trusty electric blower to whisk all of the leaves out of our flower beds and driveway into the yard. (The wind, ever-enthusiastic but rather missing the point, assists by blowing all of the neighbor’s leaves into our yard, as well.) And then, I grab my not-so-trusty lawnmower and mulch the leaves into tiny bits, altruistically transforming them into nourishment for those hungry baby grass blades next spring.

However… (don’t you just hate that word?) … last weekend my mower gave up the ghost (or, well, methane). So now I’m forced to return to raking fall leaves. Just like our Native American predecessors did when their buffaloes stopped working.

We had a lovely autumn. But now that fall has fallen, and my lawnmower has gone to the Happy Mowing Ground, well… The first snow could always arrive early. And, as the Good Book* sayeth,

“Snow hideth a multitude of sins (leaves).”

*Mitch’s Good Book of Ways to Avoid Yardwork

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22 Responses to Goodbye, Autumn. Hello, Fall.

  1. Your posts and photos always lift me up!
    thank you mitch.
    Just what my heart needed today
    – L E V I T Y

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  2. Dora says:

    Meanwhile, “Ill blows the wind that profits nobody,” says your neighbor watching his leaves blow into your yard. πŸ˜€ Praying for snow.

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  3. Well I think I’ve been in that second picture.

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  4. JOY journal says:

    Maybe a good wind will help you out! (We have oaks. We rake until Christmas…)

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  5. gpavants says:

    Hi Mitch,

    No falling while Autumn mulching. Have. Great season. Hope you are doing great. Thanks,


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  6. M.B. Henry says:

    Ha! You make a good point!

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  7. I’m with snow hiding a multitude of sins.

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  8. SarahC says:

    Like this explanation πŸ‘

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  9. I wait until the wind blows all my leaves to my neighbors yard.

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  10. Last Autumn Fall, I raked and bagged up several times my weight in leaves. Seriously. There were so many bags and they were so heavy, I brought our bathroom scale outside and weighed them. I don’t remember the exact numbers now, but I do know the leaves weighed a lot more than me.

    This year, the wind has blown most of the leaves into the neighbors’ yard. I have been having mixed emotions about that…

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  11. Ann Coleman says:

    One of the few good things about my husband’s cancer was it made us realize that this was the year to just hire a service to deal with our leaves! They’re out there now with the leaf blowers, and I’m inside, happily catching up on my blog work. I highly recommend it!

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  12. Pam Webb says:

    You were inspired by my recent post β€œLeaf Me Alone?” or from the new soap opera β€œAs the Leaf Turns?” or from the never heard hit tune β€œI’ll be Leaving You in the Fall?”

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